Minecraft Smithing Table – Recipe, Use

By | May 8, 2020

Minecraft Smithing Table is a table that last year got updated in the game of Minecraft. It was introduced in Minecraft 1.14 and now the current update is Minecraft 1.16. Since it was in the game there have been numerous questions like what does it do? Why do we have the Minecraft Smithing Table if it has no function? Well believe me if you thought about that too then you are not alone it really is on everybody’s mind. So let’s see what it does? And how it really works.

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How to Make a Minecraft Smithing Table?

Making a smithing table is super easy, just need 4 planks can use any type of plank you would like, and with it, you just need 2 iron ingots. Then place them into 3*3 grid, the iron ingots will be on top 2 and below them, there will be 4 planks. Congrats you got yourself a new Minecraft Smithing Table.

Minecraft Smithing Table Recipe

Minecraft Smithing Table Recipe

You can also make Minecraft Smithing Table in Pocket Edition in the same way as mentioned above.

What does Minecraft Smithing Table do?

Smithing Table in Minecraft

Smithing Table in Minecraft

At the start, it was really no use the reason for having it was literally none like they were just for showcase. The game developer did say that they will not fully function until the later version of the game. Many players said that the Smithing table in Minecraft is not working.

So, when we thought it did nothing, there was one thing it was able to do that was get someone a job. Yes, the Minecraft Smithing Table was used to give unemployed villagers a job of the smith. It was really easy, you just needed to get that table at your village and then put it inside some unemployed villager house. In a few moments, you will see that the villager will start sparkling and it will be turned into a smith.

Also, it can be used as fuel for smelting 1.5 items per block. So yeah it was still useless for you but it was not useless for your villagers. It can work like that but I would recommend you to get a new villager and then give them a smithing table so it will be more effective and will have more chances of working on him. It can take quite a long time and there is no guarantee that it will work at the same time when you use it. So yeah that’s what it does and how it works.

Minecraft Smithing Table Use

Although, recently a couple of months ago there has been a pack that gives Minecraft Smithing Table some functionality isn’t it great? The table that was useless for you now finally can be used for something.

So, the change is that when you get the new pack. It will show the option of re-forging the Minecraft Smithing Table. Once you do that you can place the new smithing table in there, and it will be useful now. Just click on the smithing table and it will open an interface.

Make sure you are in survival mode and there in that interface you will see an icon made for sword and below it, you will see a stone icon. Then just pick whatever word you want, whether it’s an iron sword, gold sword or your diamond sword. Put it there in the sword icon and below the stone icon, you will see many variations of the sword will appear.

There will be different shapes of swords that you can pick. Wide sword, slim word, trident type sword, axe. They will be the version of the sword you put there. If you put an iron sword there so you will see different iron swords and axes, if you put gold then you will see gold ones and if you put diamond it will show diamond ones and they all will be slightly different from each other.

So yes with the new pack you can do this function till now and there is a strong possibility that the upcoming version will have lots of changes and functions In the Minecraft Smithing Table. So let’s wait and see what new they will bring.

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