Minecraft Smoker Recipe & Use – Full Guide

Today we are back with another new topic and this time we have something very interested for you. today we are going to talk about a block in Minecraft which is now getting so popular and many people want to get it but the problem is they do not know how to craft this block.

This is called Minecraft Smoker and I will tell you about what is the work of this block and how you can craft it very easily. before getting to that point many of you must need an intro about this block that what it does and how it works. so let’s get started without wasting any time.

What is Minecraft Smoker?

So Minecraft Smoker is a block similar to furnance . It provides you with the faster option for cooking food. you won’t believe it but it is twice faster than the normal furnace. and also it does not affect any other items you have rather than food.

Minecraft Smoker
Minecraft Smoker

one more thing if you have smokers then it can not be pushed by pistons.

Use Of Minecraft Smoker

Now when you know what it is and how it works. and you already know one use of it that it cooks faster, but there is some more use of it like as it can be used as a light source because of it emits the light of level 13 when it is fully activated.

and if any villager has a smoker that is not claimed by any other villager, and any nearby villager who has not to choose a job site block then they have a chance to change their village profession to butcher.

How To Mine Smoker Properly?

Mining a smoker is not that tough you can mine smoker using any pickaxe available and if you mine it without pickaxe then it drops nothing. because smoker drops itself if it gets broken with the correct tool if you have assigned any.

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How To Find Minecraft Smoker?

Now when you have read all about it that what is the work of this block and how it works then you must be craving for it now because who does not want their food to get ready in half time of normal furnace takes. so do not worry I will tell you in detail how you can find it and use it in your village.

There are two ways to get Minecraft Smoker. You can easily find it in the building that is generated after that 1.14 update. which means you can easily find it in the buildings but it depends on your luck. there is another way to get it also which is crafting it.

Minecraft Smoker Recipe

When you already have these items then you can start crafting Minecraft Smoker. I will tell you in Minecraft Smoker Recipe to make it kind of easy to understand.

Step NO.1> Open The Crafting Menu.

First of all, you have to open the crafting menu in your Minecraft it will look like a square box of 3×3 crafting grids.

Smoker Recipe
Smoker Recipe

Step NO.2> Add Items To Craft Minecraft Smoker.

Now you will need all the items like as any woods once you get it all then you can start putting them in the grid of 3×3 and it has a special pattern to create a smoker and you have to follow it in the first pattern you have to put 1 Oakwood in the middle of the box and in second row one Oak wood is must in the box and 1 furnace in the second box, and 1 Oak wood in the third and in third row 1 Oak wood must be in the middle of the box again.

this is how you will create your own Minecraft Smoker with your own collected stuff.
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