Minecraft SMP Earth Map Server | Live Map Download [1:3000]

Minecraft SMP Map Earth Server

This Minecraft SMP Earth is concept was a revolutionary act for boosting the game on the global platform opening up new platforms for the game. SMP stands for Symmetric multiprocessing which allows one or more user to simultaneously play the game on servers and not on phones.

The Minecraft SMP Earth Map server is actually a creation of the whole earth imported to the Minecraft game. Some users could play this sitting at their homes and easy access to whichever part of the world they wanted. This actually infused the real world to mine craft game. This add on had a catch that the more you explore in this server the more you own. Which meant you could actually own not only small cities but big countries in the game.

Advantages of Minecraft SMP Earth Map Servers

These Smp servers gave the users the treat of actually creating whatever they felt on this map. You can build huge buildings, form a town, form a community and even raid and fight others on the map. This means you could actually win the territories of other users while playing on these servers.

What is this Minecraft Smp Earth Map Server?

This was the fairy tale journey of over 60 + users when they decided to create the entire earth map in Minecraft. They actually used a total number of 300 million blocks side by side to see of what they made us today. They created the entire earth on the scales to 1:3000. The user can move around and choose the place which they could explore by joining these servers.

The creators of these servers gave special commands to the users which meant if you have the correct goods in your inventory you could join in the server play & explore. They actually created all the continents in my craft! The distinguished part of the game is that this earth module functions on the same Day-Night cycle that of the real earth.

Minecraft SMP Earth Map
Minecraft SMP Earth Map

Features of the Minecraft SMP Earth Map Servers

The features include that you could actually explore each part of the world. You could actually travel from one place to another using some really modern modes of transport which means instead of walking from one place to another the users can use planes to fly.

The second feature in the Minecraft SMP Earth Map Serveris that the information pops up which rises as you point on the place it is similar to use Google maps. Say you are holding the cursor over America a pop up will be shown up to display the name of the creator, no. of blocks used to make it and location and its scale.

The next best thing in it is that apart from using your traditional inventory like the pickaxe and the sword you could actually use guns. This means you could give it a modern touch up.

The next feature of these servers is that the war option in the server is player commanded and the war feature depends on the user. It means you can either start one or end one.

Rules while playing on this server

  • Cheat client means using cheats or mod which could actually influence your performance. This means you have to play by the rules.
  • One user can use only one account to play and the use of multiple accounts would ban you from these servers.
  • Each server has some technical issues or bugs if one finds such you should report it. But some users take advantage of these bugs to win, thus anyone found will be banned.

Lastly, I could only say that Minecraft SMP Earth Server is a fun place to visit on the game and you could join one as there are many of them around you.

To Check Minecraft SMP Earth Live Map and to Download it check https://map.smpearth.com/

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