Minecraft Unblocked – All You Need to Know

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world. It was released in 2011 by Mojang. Everyone wants to play the Minecraft game. Therefore in schools also kids want Minecraft Unblocked game. Minecraft has 112 million monthly active users. From the launch date total of 180 Million copies of Minecraft game been sold. Minecraft is not a free game and this game is available on various platforms like PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4.

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Minecraft Unblocked

School going kids love playing video games and playing Minecraft is something special that every kid wants to play. Minecraft is a sandbox video game in which players build and craft different structures and explore the world in the game. To play this game you have to purchase it from the official store of Minecraft. But many of you may not want to buy it. For many kids, Minecraft Unblocked is an option to play the game without buying.

Minecraft Unblocked
Minecraft Unblocked

Also, there are many places where this Minecraft game is blocked for kids. There are many options for Minecraft unblocked which you can be used to unblock this game. Developers of this game always comes with new update to the game. The latest update for the game is Minecraft 1.16 i.e nether update. So kids want to play the most updated version of the game.

Minecraft Unblocked at School

In many aspects, Minecraft is a special game made for kids. It is way more different than any other games. Minecraft game also increases creativity power in Kids. Studies show that playing video games also increases concentration power. But in many schools, the Minecraft game is blocked for various reasons. Therefore here we have given Tricks for Minecraft Unblocked at school.

Normally students at school get free time in the lunch break. Some kids like to play the video games in this free time. But when they go to computer lab in school, they find that their favorite game Minecraft is blocked by school authorities. Here are some ways to Unblock Minecraft st school.

#1. Download Minecraft Game from Other Sources –

Minecraft.net is the official website to download the Minecraft game. Therefore many schools block the official website so that students will not able to download the game. But there are many other websites that provide a download for Minecraft game. Therefore students should use other websites to download Minecraft game. There are many google sites or Weebly blogs that provide game download jar file.

#2. Change the HTTP to HTTPS –

Here is another way for Minecraft Unblocked. The common way used by schools to block Minecraft is by blocking HTTP version of the official website. But they forget to block the https version of the official website. You can use https version of website by puttings after HTTP. So that you will be able to access the official website of Minecraft.

#3. By using Minecraft Launcher –

These are unofficial websites that provide Minecraft games for free. But this websites may not be safe so you should avoid using this website.

#4. Use VPN

This is one of the common ways for Minecraft unblocked. When you use VPN then you can use any websites you want on school computers. By using this method you can play Minecraft at school.

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