Minecraft Vanilla Tweaks 1.17: How to Download & Use

We have brought this article to help you to know Minecraft Vanilla Tweaks 1.17. In this article, you can easily explore the complete information regarding Vanilla Tweaks 1.

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17 Resource Packs, Data packs, and Crafting Tweaks.

Minecraft Vanilla Tweaks 1.17

Minecraft Vanilla Tweaks 1.17

1. Resource Packs

It was started from Minecraft version 1.11. The resource packs can easily be changed like textures, models, and sounds. You can also change your crosshair or you can simply select a new menu background.

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2. Choose Data packs

Data packs were started from Minecraft version 1.13. It can easily run commands in-game. You can also control loot tables or change crafting recipes as well as alter achievements.

3. Crafting Tweaks

It starts from Minecraft Update 1.13. Crafting Tweaks are a separate category of data packs. They can easily change them as well as add crafting recipes.

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You can also add the functionally.

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How to Download Data Packs Minecraft Vanilla Tweaks 1.17?

  • First of all, you have to find a perk. You can download data packs from the vanilla pack as it is reliable.
  • After this, you have to confirm the data pack that you want to download
  • Now, you have to download the pack in order to a known directory on your computer.
  • You can stop the survey, you can also access your server files.
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  • You can also open the world folder and enter the data packs directory.
  • You should make sure if you are opening the world folder.
  • You can also drag the data pack that you have downloaded previously into the data packs folder.
  • Once you have uploaded the files, you can simply go to the game panel as well as start the server.

Uses of Vanilla Tweaks Data Packs

Here, we have explained the complete uses of Vanilla Tweaks Data Packs:

  • Thunder Shrine
  • AFK Display
  • Terracotta Rotation Wrench
  • Treasure Gems
  • Coordinates HUD
  • More Stairs
  • Nether Portal Coords
  • Redstone Rotation Wrench*
  • Gem Villages
  • Double Shulker Shells
  • Track Raw Statistics
  • Multiplayer Sleep
  • Anti Enderman Grief
  • Silence Mobs
  • Double Slabs
  • Customizable Armor Stands
  • Tag: Not really, but effectively
  • Universal Dyeing
  • More Mob Heads
  • Dragon Drops Elytra

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Currently Supported Packs: Minecraft Vanilla Tweaks 1.17

After discussing the complete information regarding these packs, we would like to explain the currently supported packs that will help you to explore more about them. All mobs are useful in their own way, it all depends on your choice and requirements:


  • Count Mob Deaths
  • Anti Enderman Grief
  • Anti Creeper Grief
  • Dragon Drops
  • Silence Mobs
  • More Mob Heads
  • Double Shulker Shells
  • Larger Phantoms
  • Anti Ghast Grief

Tools: Redstone Wrench, Durability Ping, Kill Empty Boats, and Terracotta Wrench

Villagers: Villager Death Messages, Villager Workstation Highlighter, Pillager Tools, and Wandering Trades

Utilities: Nether Portal Coords, Multiplayer Sleep, Coordinates HUD, Spectator Night Vision, AFK Display, Sethome, Track Raw Statistics, Player Graves, Tag, Custom Nether, Spawning Spheres, Player Head Drops, Thunder Shrine, and Spectator Conduit power.

Experimental: Confetti Creepers, and XP Management

Survival: Unlock All Recipes

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We have explained the complete information regarding Minecraft Vanilla Tweaks 1.17. You can stay tuned with us for further information. As soon we will get any information regarding these tweaks, we will be first to inform you.


It was the complete guide on Minecraft Vanilla Tweaks 1.17. Now, we would like to conclude this article with the hope that you have got the complete information regarding Vanilla Tweaks. If you have any queries regarding this then you can feel free to ask us in the comment section.

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We hope this article would be happy to solve your queries regarding Minecraft Vanilla Tweaks 1.17.

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