Best way to make Minecraft Water Breathing Potion in 2020

The majority of Minecraft Players want to know the easiest and the perfect way to make Minecraft Water Breathing Potion. This amazing potion will allow you to breathe under the water. So, you must know the method to make it.

In this article, we will see how to make Minecraft Water Breathing Potion. We will see the method of making both the standard (3 minutes) and the long-lasting (8 Minutes) potions. So, let’s start exploring the method of making this amazing potion without any delay.

minecraft water breathing potion

How to make Minecraft Water Breathing Potion?

This section of our article is about the method of making this amazing potion. Using this potion, you can easily breathe under the water. It will allow you to breathe for a total of 3 minutes under the water. There is also an extended potion that will allow you to breathe up to 8 minutes.

Follow all the given steps to make the Minecraft Water Breathing Potion easily. Do not miss even a single step. Otherwise, the potion will not be made perfectly.

Step 1: Starting with the Brewing Stand

The first step is to open the Brewing Stand from the menu. It is necessary as we will make our potion in this stand.

Step 2: Activating the Brewing Stand

Now, it is time to activate the brewing stand. In order to activate the brewing stand, you will have to add the blaze powder in the left box of the brewing stand. Doing this will activate your brewing stand and it will become ready for use.

Step 3: Adding Water Bottle

after activating the brewing stand, our next step in making Minecraft Water Breathing Potion is to add a water bottle in one of the bottom boxes. If you want to make three potions simultaneously, you can add three water bottles in all three bottom boxes.

Step 4: Adding Nether Wart

The next step in this tutorial is to add the Nether Wart in the topmost box in the brewing stand. After adding this Nether Wart in the brewing Wart, you will see the white bubble coming, and then the Nether Wart will get disappeared.

Step 5: Adding Pufferfish

Now, we will add the Pufferfish in the topmost box of that brewing stand. After adding the Pufferfish, you will hear a glug glug sound.

When the process will complete, you will see that the Pufferfish is disappeared.

It means that the Minecraft Water Breathing Potion is now completely made.

Just move the newly made potion in the Inventory to use it. You can use it to take breathe under the water for 3 minutes.

If you want to take breathe for more time, follow the next step.

Making the potion for a long period of time

Some users may have a problem that 3 minutes are not enough. So, there is a way to make this potion last for more time. Just follow the given steps carefully.

You will have to replace the Nether Wart with a Redstone dust in the fourth step. Apart from that, you will have to use the Potion of Water Breathing instead of Water Bottle in the third step.

You will also have to skip the fifth step. It means that you do not need Pufferfish in this method.

Conclusion: Minecraft Water Breathing Potion

In conclusion, we hope that you have got all information related to this Minecraft Water Breathing Potion. You can now make it and use it in the game for breathing under the water easily. If you have any queries or questions regarding this potion, you can ask us in the comment section. We will try to help you in solving your doubts.

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