Moon Dungeon Destiny 2 Guide | Pit of Heresy Dungeon

The Second Dungeon in Destiny 2 is the Moon Dungeon Destiny 2 or the Pit of Heresy Dungeon which is now available for Shadowkeep owners in the game and it is actually very difficult to defeat. But below, you can find out how to start the new dungeon in Destiny 2, have a look.

moon dungeon destiny 2

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You will have to complete the main campaign in the Shadowkeep in Destiny 2 to get full access to the Pit of Heresy or Moon Dungeon in Destiny 2. You can go to the Moon and have a talk with Eris and he will give you a quest that will involve the Hive.

Below, you can find out more about the Moon Dungeon Destiny 2 or Pit of Heresy, have a look.

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Moon Dungeon Destiny 2: Pit of Heresy

When you have successfully completed the Shadowkeep main campaign then you will get access to the Pit of Heresy in the game, as it the second dungeon in Destiny 2 and it is only available for Shaodwkeep owners. As we have already told you that it is quite tough to beat so let us now have a look at it.

You will be required to have the minimum power level of 880 to start with the quest and also you can equip mods that are able to counter the barrier that would be a better thing to do.

The festival of the lost has already been started in Destiny 2 and with the new Halloween-themed skins and cosmetics to earn for all players. You will have to go back to the Haunted Forest this year and also you can get on the Bryatech Werewolf Legendary Auto Rifle, so keep that in mind.

So now, we should head over to our main topic which is how to start the new Moon Dungeon Destiny 2, have a look. Below, you can find out more about the moon dungeon Destiny 2.

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How to Start Moon Dungeon Destiny 2?

First of all, to begin with, Dungeon you will have to talk to Eris to get the Deepening Wake quest and that will stop the Hive from completing the rituals. After that, you will have to go to the Altars of Sorrow marker which will be available in Sorrow’s Habour. In this part, all the waves will be increased and will make it a bit difficult so you will have to open the Tier 3 chest higher than that to beat 20 nightmares which will complete the quest.

Your frame rates may drop a bit if you have a decent system as the swarm of enemies will fill the whole screen and you will have to keep this in mind before proceeding and be prepare for that.

After you are done with that, then you will have to go to Eris again and she will ask you to go in the direction of Pit of Heresy. Now go to the room and stand next to the glowing green crystal and wait for a few seconds and the floor will start disappearing.

Now, hop on the hole and start until you reach the Necropolis. You will then see a white circle at the floor, so stand on that and you will see an area where you can hop down to, you are required to have 940 power so be prepared for that from here onwards.

Now you will have to beat the Eyes on the Moon Quest and unlock the Vex offensive.

So this was all about the Moon Dungeon Destiny 2 Guide.

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Hopefully, you will like our approach on Moon Dungeon Destiny 2 | Pit of Heresy Dungeon.

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