Mordhau Patch Notes 25 Update June 2022

Mordhau Patch Notes 25 Update June 2022 is out and the players are excited to explore to changes made with this game. In this article, you can explore the complete patch notes of the Modhau game.

Mordhau Patch Notes 25 Update June 2022

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Mordhau Patch Notes 25 Update June 2022

Here is the list of patch notes that you can explore the check the changes made with this game:

  • Added new map: Arid
  • Made the GiveCata command use the IsAllowed method so server owners can opt tiered admins out of it and added it to the Admin Actions webhook
  • New Armory UI
  • Fix chat context menu not closing on Escape
  • Fixed team select player count not updating correctly
  • Added View Steam Profile to options if available
  • Fixed UI sounds for certain areas
  • Increased sound priority for Cronch and hit indicator
  • Fixed potential rare crash related to chambering
  • Fixed Nubian face LOD
  • Added self-restocking throwables to player-controlled Nobles that did not have any ranged weapons before
  • Merged Invasion and Frontline official servers
  • Lowered sound priority on various weapon thuds, equip and some foley sounds
  • Increased concurrent voice lines from 4 to 8
  • Fix for stealing voices by reducing the concurrency of Chicken and Goat sounds
  • Added various words to the chat box filter
  • Team selection becomes available two minutes after a player joins the server
  • Slight GPU performance improvement by changing the way GPU handles overdraw
  • Fixed horse not accelerating in certain scenarios
  • Attenuation fix for Generic Animal and Turd
  • Pressing the Team select button hides the team selected with Mordhau Patch Notes 25 Update June 2022.
  • Killfeed CPU optimizations
  • The team select menu can now be closed by spectators
  • Added a few new emblems
  • Polished various Frontline objectives
  • Added servers for novice players
  • Added camels instead of horses on eastern maps

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  • Added Visored Greathelm Raised
  • Added Crusader Mail Coif
  • Added Crusader Mail Coif With Mouth Piece
  • Added Early Coat of Plates
  • Added Turban Helmet With Nasal Guard
  • Added Crusader Mail Coif Square Cut
  • Added Visored Greathelm
  • Added Calipha Sword skin for Arming Sword
  • Added Leg Wraps
  • Added Butcher’s Skirt
  • Added Turban Helmet
  • Added Mail Shoes with Spurs
  • Added Turban
  • Added Plated Mail
  • Added Basic Leather Shoes
  • Added Bishop’s Ailettes
  • Added Mail Skullcap
  • Added Monk Sleeves
  • Added Calipha Dagger skin for Dagger
  • Added Rus Conical
  • Added Crusader Mail Coif Square Cut & Mouth Piece
  • Added Adarga skin for Heater Shield
  • Added Monk Robes
  • Added Crusader Glaive skin for Bardiche
  • Added Monk Hood
  • Added Turban with Veil

Weapons & Equipment

  • Fixed part name categories being inconsistent between skins on some weapons (This will affect loadouts):
    • Shuffled Handle and Head on Warhammer Skin to match the default
    • Shuffled Spike to Part3 slot on Maul.
    • Changed Shawm action prompt from “Strum Lute” to “Play Shawm”

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  • Castello
    • Added additional spawn protection area for bombing portculis objective with Mordhau Patch Notes 25 Update June 2022.
    • Fixed spawn clipping on Invasion
    • Removed spawn protection on bridge
    • Added wind noise
  • Camp
    • Fixed an issue with floating dummy and a minor stuck spot
    • Adjusted cart push speed on Invasion to favour attackers more with Mordhau Patch Notes 25 Update June 2022.

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It was the complete guide on Mordhau Patch Notes 25 Update June 2022. Now, we would like to conclude this article with the hope that you have got the complete information regarding the update of the Mordhau game. If you have any queries regarding the update of the Mordhau game then you can ask us in the comment section. We would be happy to solve your queries regarding Mordhau Patch Notes 25 Update June 2022.

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