More than 30 New Fish in Fortnite are founded

By | August 6, 2020

Great news for Fortnite is here. More than 30 New Fish in Fortnite are founded in the game. This news is very interesting for all fishing lovers in the Fortnite game. You will know all details about newly added fishes in the game.

These New Fish in Fortnite that are added will enhance the fishing experience of you in the game. This is mainly for every fishing lover in the game. Let’s explore all newly added fish in the game.

new fish in fortnite

New Fish in Fortnite

Fishing is a nice and entertaining feature in the Fortnite game. You can perform fishing in Season 2 of Chapter 1 of this interesting game. You can catch fishes in the game easily. You will have to use either a Fishing Rod or a Harpoon Gun for catching fishes in the game. If a fishing spot is hit with any kind of explosion, you will get fishes.

A lot of fishes are available in the game that you can catch using your fishing rod or Harpoon gun. Now, more than 30 new fish in Fortnite are added. These new fishes will increase your fish-catching experience in the game.

These 30 New Fish in Fortnite will not include previous fish types such as Slurpfish as well as Small Fries. These types of fishes are already present in the game.

You can see all newly added Fish types in the game files of Fortnite after installing the latest Fortnite Version 13.40 Update.

Currently, there is not much information about these newly added Floppers in the game. But, some data miners are tweeting details about all these newly added Floppers fishes in the game. Since we do not know about the latest added fishes in the game, let’s see all previous fish types in the game. It will help you in exploring these fishes in the game.

Different Types of Fish already present in the game

Here is the description of all different types of Fishes present in Fortnite already. You will get complete information related to these fishes easily here.

1. Flopper

If you will consume this type of fish, you will get 50 health in the game.

2. Slurpfish

On consuming Slurpfish, you will receive a total of 50 health or a shield.

3. Small Fry

Consuming Small Fry will provide you a total of 25 health. It is capped at 75 health.

These all three Flopper, Slurpfish, and Small Fry are a type of Healing Fish. You can consume these fishes only in one second. As we have seen that eating Healing Fishes will provide you health as well as the shield in the game. Apart from Healing Fish, you will also find Not Fish in the game during fishing. These are also given below.

1. Mythic Fish

Mythic Fish is a mythic item in the game. It can instantly kill your opponents on impact. It is not easy to catch this fish. So, you should get the fish back after throwing it on your opponents.

2. Rusty Can

On its impact, it will deal with a total of 20 damage. So, you can throw this can for 20 damage.

These were all available fishes in the Fortnite game. Currently, there is not too much information about new fish in Minecraft. We will update you when they are officially announced.

Conclusion: New Fish in Fortnite

In conclusion, we hope that you have got all details related to New Fish in Fortnite. You will be able to get these fishes in your game during fishing with a Fishing Rod or Harpoon Gun. If you have any questions or queries related to these fishes, you can ask us in the comment section. We are here to help you in solving all your questions and queries.

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