Destroy Nutcracker Statue in Fortnite Location and Guide

Nutcracker Statue in Fortnite Location is all that you need to unlock the Blustery Bag Back Bling reward. We have a complete guide on How to destroy the Nutcracker Statue in Fortnite to complete the challenge. Have a look at the simple and quick guide and locations.

Nutcracker Statue in Fortnite Location

The Epic Games has released one more new operation for the Fortnite players. The Operation is named Operation Snowdown Challenge and this is release because of the festive season, new year, and Christmas. In this event, you will have to complete daily challenges to unlock new and special rewards. Completing the challenge is actually quite easy when you know the locations. And when you don’t know the locations, destroying the Nutcracker Statues can be very tough as well as it will take time.

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So we decided to help you out and so we made this guide in which we have discussed everything about Nutcracker Statue in Fortnite Location, so without wasting any more time, let’s dig into the topic.

Nutcracker Statue in Fortnite Location

Completing the challenges is actually very easy when you know the locations, and here we have all the locations for you to guide. Snowmando outfit can be easily unlocked by completing all the nine different challenges in the event, the Frost Squad outfit will be available once you have completed all the 12 tasks.

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You can complete these challenges during the event and the event has already been started from Dec 18 and will go up to Jan 5. By completing these challenges you will get rewards such as the Outfits, and more.

In these challenges, today’s challenge is known as the Nutcracker challenge in which you have to destroy 5 nutcracker statues at different places and locations all over the map, and by completing this challenge you will be rewarded with the Blustery Back Bling.

The challenge is very simple and easy you just have to destroy the statues located at different places but for that, you should know the locations. We have posted an image below, in which five locations are marked on the map, and the credit of this image goes to Express Online.

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Nutcracker Statue in Fortnite Location

Source: Express Online

The first statue can be seen in the Northern part of the Pleasent Park which is next door, near Doctor Doom house. The second statue can be found in the Sweaty Sand and the 3rd statue can be seen outside a house at the Salty Towers.

You can found few Nutcracker statues at the Holly Hedges, you will find the statues near a garage. In the northern part of Lazy lake, you can find more statues in the east of Hunter Haven.

Nutcracker Statue in Fortnite Location Full Guide

If you are still not able to find the statues on the map then you can watch the video we have dropped below, in this video, you will be easily able to understand everything about the Nutcracker Statue in Fortnite Location.

Fortnite Operation Snowdown challenge has a lot more challenges such as the “Complete the Operation Snowdown Quest” or the “Visit different Snowmando outposts” or “Dance at various holiday trees”. And there are a lot more to complete and get rewarded with the outfits.

So this was all about Nutcracker Statue in Fortnite Location. Complete all the challenges to get rewards and if you are lucky you might even get a rare outfit for free.

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Hopefully, you will like our approach on Destroy Nutcracker Statue in Fortnite Location and Guide.

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