How to Complete Of All Trades Challenge Destiny 2 Raid ?

How to complete Of All Trades Challenge Destiny 2 Raid?

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Destiny 2 is finally here and contains a lot of missions and activities. In Destiny 2 you can try the new Deep Stone Crypt Raid to gain some loot and you will have to complete all the triumphs and raid challenges, Of All Trades Challenge Destiny 2 is one of those challenges, and here we have a full guide on How to complete it, have a look.

Of All Trades Challenge Destiny 2

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is finally out to play after a long wait. Destiny 2 is an FPS and RPG game in which you will be on a journey to Europa.

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In Destiny 2, you will be doing a battle against the leader or you can say the head of Europa who is known as Eramis. In Destiny 2 there are a lot of new features and a lot of other content has been added such as the characters, a lot of missions, tasks and activities, weapons and gears, and a lot more other things.

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Destiny 2 is actually very similar to Destiny which was Bungie’s first title of the Destiny series in which players could try getting in the Deep Stone Crypt raid to get some loot. In Destiny 2, there is a challenge, Of All Trades Challenge Destiny 2 which you have to complete. Completing the challenge can be tough for you so we decided to help you by making this guide.

This guide is all about, Of All Trades Challenge Destiny 2, and it is actually very easy and simple to follow. This is a quick guide on how to complete the challenge.

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So enough of talking, let’s dig into the guide.

How to complete “Of All Trades Challenge” Destiny 2?

You have to hold a buff, in order to complete Of all Trade Challenge. You will have to hold the operator, Scanner, and Suppressor once. To begin with, you have to finish or complete a phase with the buff that you have held for it to get counted. Also, you have to make sure that you do not just pick the scanner up and put it back, it will not count if you do it right away.

Of All Trades Challenge Destiny 2 is actually very easy to complete but it looks tough, you just need to follow and organize things. At the time you enter into the encounter then you have to fix a chain which everyone has to select and then roll on the chain.

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This will set up what will you do in the next round.

When you will begin the encounter with suppressor then you have to pass the scanner when the first phase is over you will have to get the role in the second phase. Also, if you are No Buff 3 then just get to the top and take the Operator.

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Of All Trades Challenge Destiny 2: Chain to Follow

Here is a simple chain that you can follow to complete the challenge:

In Round 1:

  • Operator – Player 1
  • No Buff – Player 2
  • Suppressor – Player 3
  • No Buff 2 – Player 4
  • Scanner – Player 5
  • No Buff 3 – Player 6

In Round 2:

  • Operator – Player 6
  • No Buff – Player 1
  • Suppressor – Player 2
  • No Buff 2 – Player 3
  • Scanner – Player 4
  • No Buff 3 – Player 5

You have to be clear in communication while completing the challenge. And if you are playing Destiny 2 on PC then typing in the chat will help you a lot. And if you are on consoles like PS4 or PS5 or even Xbox then take help with google docs or use notes on your phone and write down any trouble you are having.

This was all about Of All Trades Challenge Destiny 2.

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