Minecraft SMP Earth Map Server | Live Map Download [1:3000]

Minecraft SMP Earth Map

Minecraft SMP Map Earth Server This Minecraft SMP Earth is concept was a revolutionary act for boosting the game on the global platform opening up new platforms for the game. SMP stands for Symmetric multiprocessing which allows one or more user to simultaneously play the game on servers and not on phones. The Minecraft SMP … Read more

Minecraft 1.15.1 Update – Java Edition

Minecraft 1.15.1 Update

Minecraft 1.15.1 Update Minecraft is a video game or the famous sandbox video game. It was developed by┬áMarkus Persson and was released on 18th November by watching its marketing growth and demand in public it was purchased by Microsoft in 2014. Minecraft is the most popular game in the world. Recently Minecraft has launched a … Read more

How to get coal in Minecraft Earth – Full Guide

How to get coal in Minecraft Earth

How to get coal in Minecraft Earth? After the release of Minecraft Earth’s early access, everyone is enjoying this augmented reality game. Many players have achieved high levels in the game. But many are struggling to get coal therefore here we have explained in detail How to get Coal in Minecraft Earth. Minecraft Earth Game … Read more

Minecraft Earth Code Scan – All You Need to Know

MInecraft Earth Code Scan

Minecraft Earth Code Scan Many are well-acquainted with the release and availability of the Minecraft Earth Game in various countries. There are multiple features in the game which makes it more interesting to play. Minecraft Earth Code Scan is a very tricky feature of the Minecraft Earth Game. On clicking the code scan, a scanner … Read more