Paladins Update 2.47 Patch Notes | New Features Added | How to Update | Download Size

The latest Paladins Update 2.47 Patch Notes are available and due to this, all the players in this game are excited about it.

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This latest patch has brought a lot of new content and changes to the game. That’s why we have decided to bring its patch notes to you.

Here, you will get to know about the new Paladins Update 2.

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47 Patch Notes, what new features and changes you will get through this patch, its downloading file size, how to update your game to its latest version, as well as other information that you need to know about this patch.

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Let’s check out this guide without any delay.

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Paladins Update 2.47 Patch Notes

Paladins Update 2.47 Patch Notes Available

Paladins is an interesting online hero shooter game that is played by a lot of gamers on various gaming platforms. This game is developed by Evil Mojo Games while its publisher is Hi-Rez Studios. Its developer regularly brings new updates to make the gameplay better.

The latest update 2.47 of this game is released and it has made a lot of noticeable changes as well as added various new features to it.

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Even the detailed Paladins Update 2.

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47 Patch Notes are released by its developer so that you can know about these changes made.

Update File Size

If we talk about the update file size of this latest update, it is not known yet. But, it will be quite large as it is a major update. We will be providing the exact file size soon.

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Detailed Paladins Update 2.47 Patch Notes

Now, it is time to know about the changes made to the game through this latest Paladins Update 2.47 Patch Notes. Read it to know about these new features added to the game.

New Champion: VII, Right Hand of the Tribunal

[Alt-Fire] Trigger Discipline
Swap between one of the three different fire modes – Bust Mode, Mag Dump Mode, and Automatic Mode.

[Ability 1] Explosive Dodge
Dodge 30 units in one of four directions, dropping an explosive trap that has three explosions dealing 250 damage for each explosion. The explosions have an effective radius of 35 units and two explosives can be out at once. The traps explode every 0.45 seconds.

[Ability 2] Grappling Hook
Grapple to walls and stick to them for up to 5s, becoming stealthed for the duration.


  • Deadly Pallor (Limited)
    • Unlocked through Season Pass 2022
    • This skin will become unobtainable after Season Pass 2022 has finished.
  • Crimson Guard
    • Can be purchased for 60,000 Gold or 300 Crystals
  • Ivy Sentinel
    • Obtained by Gold Chest/ Direct Purchase/ Playstation Plus Pack/ System Message
  • Death Orchid
    • Obtained through Trials of the Realm
  • Biting Wind
    • Obtained through the Bounty Store (Event Pass Exclusive)
  • Golden VII
    • Obtained by Reaching Mastery level 50 with VII

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  • Default
  • Silencer – Available with Season Pass 2022

MVP Poses

  • Default
  • Adjudicator – Available with Season Pass 2022

Abyss Hunter Academy Event Pass

  • 50% Experience and Gold Boost
  • Schoolyard Maeve

Level 12 Unlock

  • Study Hall Maeve

Level 18 Unlock

  • Class President Rei

Level 24 Unlock

  • Valedictorian Rei

Other Event Pass Exclusive Unlocks

  • Static Spray – Extracurricular Activities (Level 2)
  • Avatar – Pensive (Level 4)
  • Loading Frame – Abyss Hunter Academy (Level 6)
  • 3D Spray – Give me a V! (Level 8)
  • Animated Spray – Naughty Lucipurr (Level 9)
  • Avatar – Maeve Charm (Level 14)
  • Avatar – Final Test (Level 17)
  • Death Card – “You obviously need to study more” (Level 19)
  • Death Stamp – Lucipurr (Level 23)

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In conclusion, we are expecting that you have got all information related to the latest Paladins Update 2.47 Patch Notes, all changes made to the game, its update file size, and much more. If you have any doubts or queries related to this guide, you can ask us in the comment section. We are here to help you in solving all your questions and doubts.

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