Path of Exile Update 1.72 Patch Notes Today, Download Size (Jan 25)

Path of Exile Update 1.72 is now out and available to download. We have all the details about this update such as the Path of Exile 1.72 Patch Notes, download size, bug fixes, and the full list of changes, have a look.

Path of Exile Update 1.72

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Path of Exile Update 1.72 Patch Notes Out Today (Jan 24)

The developers, Grinding Gear Games have pushed a small update for Path of Exile and this update is going to fix some issues and bugs which were present in the game since the last patch came out. The Path of Exile update 1.72 was released today on Jan 25. This update is expected to fix some minor bugs in the game and will not make any major changes to the gameplay or the features of the game.

Path of Exile Update 1.72 Patch Download Size

The Path of Exile update 1.72 is a minor bug fix update and we do not expect it to be big in size. You will have to download around a total of 476 MB of data to download the complete update, after that it will get installed on your PS4. If you are facing any issue after installing the game on your PS4, then we would suggest you restart your console once, and it should fix the issue. The patch of exile 1.72 patch contains some bug fixes and improvements for the Heist update.

After the Path of Exile update 1.72 patches, the game has been updated to version 3.13.0c and you can download this update from the official PS store for your console.

The update 1.72 is a quite small update and players and fans were expecting something big this time, however, we would say that don’t be disheartened because the developers, Grinding Gear Games will soon release an update which will be a major update and will make a lot of new changes to the game. With the upcoming update 1.73, Path of Exile will receive some new features as well, and we also expect some new and additional content to be there in the upcoming update.

Now let us move ahead to the Path of Exile update 1.72, have a look.

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Path of Exile Update 1.72 Patch Notes Today (Jan 25)

When it comes to the Path of Exile Update 1.72 Patch Notes, then you should not expect something extraordinaire. Since patch 1.72 is a small update, it does not contain any major changes, and here are the official patch notes and a full list of changes for update 1.72, have a look:

  • An issue in which certain totem damage modifiers were not being applied correctly, has been fixed in the update 1.72 patch.

So this is all Grinding Gear Games has provided us in the name of Patch Notes for update 1.72, and we do not even expect anything else, since it is a minor update.

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Hopefully, you will like our approach on Path of Exile Update 1.72 Patch Notes Today, Download Size (Jan 24).

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