Perfect Genesect Pokemon GO – Best Raid Guide in 2020

By | August 15, 2020

Great news for all Pokemon GO players is here. Perfect Genesect Pokemon GO is now appearing in the tier five raids of this game. Due to this, all players of Pokemon GO are excited.

So, we have brought this guide for you. In this guide, you will get the complete information related to Perfect Genesect Pokemon GO Raid, availability timing, and much more. Let’s explore them all.

Perfect Genesect Pokemon GO

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Perfect Genesect Pokemon GO Raid Guide

In the Unova week, Genesect will be available in the raid. The timing will be from November 14 at 4 PM (ET) to November 21 at 4 PM (ET). There is also a chance that it may appear as Shiny. So, you should look for it.

As we all know that Genesect is Bug and Steel-type. It is very strong. But it is very weak to fire. You can easily Raid on Genesect in the game with the help of any fire type Pokemon.

Here are some recommended moves that you should try to easily damage Genesect.

  • You can use Chandelure with Fire Spin & Overheat.
  • Another great Pokemon is Reshiram with Overheat & Fire Fang.
  • Heatran is also a good choice for Counter Attack. You should use Flamethrower & Firespin.
  • Blaziken with Fire Spin and Blast Burn is also a good Counter Attack for Perfect Genesect Pokemon GO.
  • You can also go for Darmanitan with Fire Fang and Overheat.
  • Moltres is also a good Counter Attack for Genesect if you use Fire Spin and Overheat.

Using these Fire-Type moves, you can easily take over Genesect. But, keep it in mind that Gensect gets boosted in Rainy as well as Snow weather. So, you will have to take care of it.

All the attack stats of Genesect are very high. Due to this, you will have to choose the correct counters. All fire type moves can easily help you. If you are a low-level trainer or choose any wrong counter, then you may face difficulties with Genesect.

Here are the CPs of Perfect Genesect Pokemon GO from Raids.

  • It’s CP for a regular encounter is 1916 CP (Level 20).
  • While it’s CP for weather boosted encounter is 2395 CP (Level 25).

You cannot trade for Genesect as it is not tradable. But, you can transfer it as it is transferable. This Bug and Steel Type Pokemon is very powerful. So, you should use Fire-Type moves to easily take on this Pokemon. The best thing for you to have 2-3 high-level trainers. It will help you in easily raid Genesect. Your group can also split if there are more trainers in your group.

It is a tier 5 boss and it has a total of 47836 CP. If we talk about its origin in this Pokemon GO game, it was introduced for the first time in the game in Generation V.

You should try to raid and take on Genesect in the game during the above given time period. If you and your group become successful in it, you will earn better rewards for that raid.

About Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is an amazingĀ  Augmented Reality (AR) mobile game. The developer and publisher of this amazing game are Niantic. They have made this in collaboration with The Pokemon Company. You can enjoy this amazing game on both Android and iOS platforms. It is available for free to download.

Conclusion: Perfect Genesect Pokemon GO

In conclusion, we hope that you have got complete information related to Perfect Genesect Pokemon GO. If you have any questions or queries related to the raid of this amazing Pokemon, you can ask us in the comment section. We are here to help you in solving all your questions and queries.

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