Pokemon Go Battle Raid Announcement: There are a couple of tweets that have been made on the social media platforms like Twitter for the Pokemon Go Battle Raid Announcement. There are some videos out for the battle raid, fans are trying to decode the tweets. Fans are expecting to get the announcement soon. The tweets have been made by the official Twitter account of Pokemon Go, at which we will have a look, later.

The recent Pokemon Go update has arrived with a lot of new features in the game. The upcoming Pokemon Go December is expected to have a lot more new features and the Go Beyond update will arrive early. Fans are expecting even more surprises to arrive with the update, which the developers might not have announced.

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On November 28, 2020, there was a video that was posted by the official Twitter handle of Pokemon Go. Last night, they started teasing on their social media handles. These teasers look like the announcement for the Pokemon Go Battle Raid. Have a look at the details below.

Pokemon Go Battle Raid Announcement December 2020

Pokemon Go Battle Raid Announcement

Pokemon Go team tweeted a video on the social media platform, Twitter, informing about the new Pokemon Go Battle Raids for December 2020. The team featured a 6-hour countdown and fans were easily predicting about the Pokemon Go Battle Raid Announcement. It was expected by the fans that there will be a new Raid Boss which will appear when the timer will stop. And after the timer expired, there was another unexpected tweet from the team.

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The Second video came with another timer, this time the timer was going to expire after 44 hours, which clearly showed that this will be a mystery till Monday if there will be a new raid boss or not in Pokemon Go, “Go Beyond Update”. The mystery will be revealed on 30 November at 11 am pacific time.

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Pokemon Go Battle Raid Announcement Teasers

It’s expected that a new boss raid will definitely appear in Pokemon go in December 2020. The new Pokemon Go December 2020 update is also expected to arrive with the Mega Raid Lineup and the legendary Battle Raid tier. The countdown in the tweet from the Pokemon Go team is just creating hype about the new update or the new Battle Raid or maybe the Raid Boss. It would be very exciting to see that what will arrive after the timer expires.

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It’s not a big deal to see this timer at the Pokemon Go official Twitter account, they had done it in past as well and at that time the new Raid Boss arrived in the game. Now let’s have a look at the tweets made by the Pokemon Go Team.

Here is the first tweet which was made by the Pokemon Go team on their official Twitter account.

And here is the second tweet about the Pokemon Go Battle Raid Announcement, which showed 44 hours of the timer, have a look at the tweet made by the Pokemon Go team.


So these were the tweets that were made by the Pokemon Go Team on Twitter.


Hopefully, you will like our approach to the Pokemon Go Battle Raid Announcement.

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