Pokemon Go Pokestop Scanning – Complete Guide & Tips

Pokemon Go Pokestop Scanning feature is available now. We have brought this guide to explain to you how to scan, access, as well as upload your scan. The gamers are eagerly want to know about the Pokestop Scanning feature.

pokemon go pokestop scan

Pokemon Go Pokestop Scanning

It is a method that allows the Pokemon GO Trainers to record an object of PokéStops and gym, as well as provide complete information regarding that object to the Niantic that must include the time and location of the recording. Niantic could then check stage position 3D images to assist them to create a 3D map that contains all of the place’s finer details, depths, and difficulties. The possibility for what this might mean is thrilling for Pokémon Go, from improved deformation beyond Pokestops to hide items on the AR map for trainers to locate. The list of opportunities is very long.

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How To Scan Pokestop and Upload it?

You can follow the given steps for Pokemon Go Pokestop Scanning:

  • When you reach to a gym or Pokéstop, you have to simply tap on the arrow in the top-right corner of the screen with a Photo Disc.
  • Now, you have to simply tap on the Scan Pokestop. You will also find some editing options.
  • Now, you have to simply tap the record button to start Pokestop scanning. Now, you have to keep the object into the frame and scan it perfectly.
  • Get ready to upload your scan. If you want to upload now then tap on upload now if you want to upload later then tap on upload later.

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Tips for a Good Scan

There are various tips that you can follow for a good scan. If you want to go for the Pokemon Go Pokestop Scanning then you have to simply follow the given tips. All the tips have been listed below:

  • You have to plan your patch around the objects. You have to do this when the object which you are scanning is very large. You have to simply use the time and think if you can navigate around the objects for the scan safely without any risk. If you cannot navigate without risk then never do it.
  • You have to make sure that your route around the object that you want to scan is safe and free from any difficulties.
  • Make sure that the lense on your device is clean. It wouldn’t be easy to get setup and ready to discover the picture is blurred.
  • You have to hold your phone for how much time you can. When you are scanning the object, you have to try to keep the object in the centre.
  • You should not get very close to that object. The should have a little bit of distance surrounding it.
  • You should not completely scan the objects in one shot.
  • You should try to be safe and don’t try to scan into traffic. Niantic does not prefer to risk your life only for the scans.

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Supported Devices

If you are an iPhone user then Pokemon Go Pokestop Scanning is available for the iPhone 6s as well as newer devices running iOS 11+. If you are an Android user then Pokemon Go Pokestop Scanning is available for the device that is running Android 7.0+. The player must download the AR from Google Play Store in their device. Here, you can explore the complete list of supported devices.


Now, we will like to conclude the Pokemon Go Pokestop Scanning with the hope that you have got all the information regarding this. We have explained all about it. If you have any queries or questions regarding Pokestop Scanning then you can ask us in the comment section. We are here to solve your queries.

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