Pokémon Team Builder v2.0.10 – Easy Guide

Pokémon Team Builder

The functionality of Pokémon Team Builder

Pokémon Team Builder is a tool that can be used to analyze different types of Pokémon making it easier to make a quality team to defend enemies easily. It can be helpful to determine the effectiveness of a particular Pokémon by filtering out the ineffective ones.

Features of Pokémon Team Builder

  • Automatically suggests the Pokémon that should be in the team.
  • Easy to filter out perfect Pokémon using the inbuilt Pokédex.
  • Easy to locate and choose the right Pokémon using the effectiveness tab.
  • Ability to create multiple teams and save them.

Updated features and interface in Pokémon Team Builderv2.0.10

  • Moon/sun Pokémon errors fixed.
  • New feature added for the export team.
  • Added new Pokémons from Ultra Moon and Ultra Sun.

Pokémon Team Builder

Some tips and techniques to make a perfect team

You’re about to have a match soon with your friend? And want to make a perfect Pokémon team to increase your winning chances? Here is our guide to help you out.


Before starting up with your team planning make sure what type Pokémon your opponent can use. Considering it as a competitive battle create a team that can match with top standard and raking of opposite Pokémons.


If your planning is incomplete against your opponent then there’s no way to create a perfect team to match over opposite Pokémons. Consider the type of Pokémon you should use. For example, if the opponent is using Rock-type then using water Pokémons must be the right choice. This type of planning can increase your winning chances.


Every battle has a particular mechanics based on certain rules, game versions, and device you’re using, That must be followed by you and your opponent. Make use of certain conditions like weather, Trick Room, Weather, or the Tailwind by targeting them over one of this single target. Make sure every Pokémon you’re using must balance with weaknesses current team.

This Pokémon Team Builder can help you with some of these above-stated tips and techniques.

You can also increase your winning probability by implementing the following brushwork over your plannings,

Pokémon Team Builder

  • Making Breeding Pokémons as your priority: You can use to gain access to the Pokémon of your desired choice. As each newbie Pokémon learns from their parent. Give yourself a try over some egg moves.
  • Using critical ones: Make sure that each Pokémon you’re using has a specified role in the battle. Don’t make use of Pokémons that are useless over the opponent. Don’t consider adding useless Pokémons in your team.
  • Consider using the Pokémons with following abilities:
  1. Highest-special attack status
  2. Highest-attack status
  3. Highest-defense ranking
  4. Highest-special defense ranking
  5. Highest-Hazardous damage
  6. Highest-Inflicting current battle status
  • Selecting lead one: Selection of lead one is always a tough job. Choose one which is versatile and flexible and can betray each condition and use Pokémon prioritized with speed and quickness.
  • Battling is not enough: Don’t battle just to win but instead give importance to the skills you’re learning by understanding your opponent and his team. This can help you out with your future battles.
  • Make sure to choose the right generation of the Pokémon from generation tab while using Pokémon Team Builder.
  • Use evolved one for better results.
  • Don’t make use of all special powers and abilities at the initial stage of the battle. This might ruin your result. Make use of these powers unless and until it’s emergency.
  • Use your Pokédex wherever it’s important. Pokédex will help you to analyze the powers of your opponent Pokémons if you’re not known to it, It’d be easier to defend in these circumstances.

Kudos! Now you’re ready to battle!!

You can check out Pokémon Team Builder’s latest version from here.

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