Predator Hunting Grounds Update 2.14 Patch Notes Today on February 17 New Features Added

Illfonic has pushed the Predator Hunting Grounds Update 2.14. We have the full Patch Notes of this update. The Predator Hunting Grounds Update 2.14 comes with a lot of additional content and features as this is a major update. Have a look at the official changelog.

Predator Hunting Grounds Update 2.14

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Illfonic has released a major update for Predator Hunting Grounds and this update is going to add a lot of stuff to the game. A Paid DLC has also been released along with the update. And in the free update, the custom private matches have been added, new predator masks have been added, also some issues and bugs have been fixed.

Below we have the full changelog and official Predator Hunting Grounds Update 2.14 Patch Notes, have a look.

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Predator Hunting Grounds Update 2.14 Patch Notes: Changelog

General Fixes

  • Fixed: the host would always be chosen as predator in private matches when everyone selects the team “?”
  • An option to disable the HUD in-game from the options many have been added.
  • Fixed: An exploit in the overgrowth.
  • The amount of AI dead bodies has been decreased.

Free Update

  • Custom Private Matches are now available to play.
  • The B34S-T Rocket Launched is now available at Level 24.
  • New Predator masks are now available.
    • Wretch
    • Haze
    • Rival

Paid DLC

  • A New Playable Predator Valkyrie has been added.
  • You will have access to the new Predator weapon, Norse Hammer.

Predator Hunting Grounds Update 2.14 Patch Notes: Fireteam


  • Fixed: Issue where Fireteam members were unable to spot Veritanium.
  • Fixed: Cycling through gear will now skip the gear that no longer has any uses left.
  • Fixed:  Issue where the player would sometimes be unable to sprint with their knife out if both their primary and secondary weapons were empty.
  • Fixed: Issue where Reinforcements would appear to be available when there are no uses left.
  • Fixed: Issue where the Overseer specialization would sometimes cause downed Fireteam members to incorrectly exit the downed state.
  • Fixed: Issue where the O.W.L.F. Operative head would stretch across the map when quickly claimed by the Predator.


  • General
    • All Predators armors increased.
    • Fixed: Issue where activating ADS was not overriding melee attacks.
    • Fixed: Issue where the Predator would sometimes lose input if the player claims while sprinting.
    • Fixed: Issue where skin patterns for the Elder Predator were only applying to the head.
    • Fixed: Issue where equipping the Samurai to mask shader “Azure” would cause warpaints to not apply.
    • Fixed: Issue with the Vanadium shader not applying properly to the Immortal mask.
  • Weapons
    • Battle Axe: A Bleed effect to the alternative attack has been added.
    • Combistick: Fixed: Issue where throwing the Combistick while crouched would cause two Combisticks to appear.
    • Net Gun: Fixed: Issue where the Net Gun could cause a Fireteam member to be unable to break out of their own net if they are netted the moment they are reinforced.
  • Gear
    • Bear Trap: Fixed: Issue where the Bear Trap would not disappear after being disarmed if the Bear Trap downs the player.
  • Perks
    • Trapper: Fixed: Issue where the Trapper perk would only apply to the first time you net a Fireteam player.

So this was all about the Predator Hunting Grounds Update 2.14.

If you have any queries or suggestions then please let us know in the comment section, we will try to solve them.

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Hopefully, you will like our approach on Predator Hunting Grounds Update 2.14 Today on February 17 New Features Added.

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