Prison Architect Update 1.30 Rolled Out for Changes and Fixes, Download Size

Prison Architect Update 1.30 is rolled out and due to this, all the players of this game are excited about the new update. They all have been wondering about the changes and fixes they will get to see in their game after installing this new patch. Due to this, we have decided to bring this guide to you.

Here, you will get to know about the latest Prison Architect Update 1.30, its complete changelog, what are the various changes made to the game through this new patch, and the simple steps that you will have to follow to update your game to this new update, as well as other information related to it.

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Prison Architect Update 1.30
Prison Architect Update 1.30

Prison Architect is a game that is played by a lot of gamers even in 2022 despite the fact that this game was released in 2015. It is a construction and management simulation where the player has been hired by the CEO of a for-profit prison company to take control of the building and run a prison. This game was initially developed and published by Introversion Software. But now, the same is done by Double Eleven.

The developer of this game regularly brings new content and updates to make the gameplay better. Recently in June, the latest expansion pack of this game was released. Today, the new Prison Architect Update 1.30 is rolled out. This new update is responsible for fixing various bugs in the game.

Downloading File Size

For this new patch, you will not have to spend a huge amount of data. Currently, the exact file size is still unknown to us. We will update it once we get to know about it. You can also check out the exact downloading size of this new update while updating your game to this new version. The exact file size of this new update will vary on each platform.

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How to Install Prison Architect Update 1.30?

The process to update your game to this new version is simple. All you have to do is to follow the given steps. Make sure that you follow the given steps carefully.

On Windows, macOS, and Linux PC, you will have to update this game from the store through which you have purchased it. It is available on Steam, Epic Game Store, and other stores as well.

On Android and iOS, you can update Prison Architect from Play Store and App Store respectively.

On Nintendo Switch, you will have to update this game from the HOME menu or from the Nintendo eShop. The latest update will be also checked and installed when you will launch this game.

On PS4, select this game using the Options button. Then, click on Check for Updates.

On Xbox consoles, this game can be updated by selecting it and then choosing Updates from the Manage Game and Add-Ons section.

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Prison Architect Update 1.30 Patch Notes

Here are the detailed patch notes of this new Prison Architect Update 1.30.

Check out the changelog on the official source.

Wrapping Up

We are wrapping up this article with the hope that you have got all information related to the new Prison Architect Update 1.30, the detailed patch notes for this new update, how to update your game to this latest patch, and much more. Update your game to this new version to get all the changes to it. If you are not able to update your game to this new version or have any other issues, then you can share with us in the comments below. We will definitely try to find a solution for you.

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