R6 Siege Update 1.000.032 Patch Notes Today, July 21, 2022 – New Changes, Fixes Made

The latest R6 Siege Update 1.000.032 Patch Notes are available just after the rolling out of this new update, and that’s why all the players in this game are excited about it. They have all been wondering about the changes they will get in their game through this new patch. Due to this, we have decided to bring this guide to you.

In this article, you will get to know about the new R6 Siege Update 1.000.032 Patch Notes, the changes and bug fixes made to the game, the downloading file size, how can you update your game to this new version, as well as other information related to this new patch. Let’s have a look at its patch notes without any delay.

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R6 Siege Update 1.000.032 Patch Notes
R6 Siege Update 1.000.032 Patch Notes

R6 Siege, also known as Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, is a popular online tactical shooter game that many gamers enjoy on various gaming platforms. This game was developed and published by Ubisoft, and even now, many gamers enjoy it due to its exciting gameplay. In this game, you can utilize many different operators from the Rainbow team, and each player gets different nationalities, weapons, and gadgets.

Its developer regularly brings new updates to make the gameplay better. In the series of these updates, the latest update, version 1.000.032 of this game, is rolled out. Even the detailed R6 Siege Update 1.000.032 Patch Notes are made available. This time, you will get to see some minor additions, and various bug fixes to the game.

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Table of Contents

Downloading File Size

We have listed this new update’s file size across various gaming platforms.

  • Ubisoft Connect: 1.29 GB
  • Steam: 1.6 MB
  • Xbox One : 1.06 GB
  • Xbox Series X : 1.41 GB
  • PS4: 1.86 GB
  • PS5: 1.15 GB

Detailed R6 Siege Update 1.000.032 Patch Notes

Now, it is time to know about the changes you get in your game through this new update. Read the R6 Siege Update 1.000.032 Patch Notes completely to know about it.

  • Reputation Penalty has been added that activates Reverse Friendly Fire by default for players who injure too many teammates.
  • Repeat offenders will receive a set of warnings notifying them of how they are seen by the system, and warn them to modify their play style before receiving a penalty.
  • Reputation Penalty lasts multiple matches to address disruptive behavior in-game.

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FIXED – Player is slowed and can’t sprint if they quickly trigger Melusi’s Banshee multiple times or step onto multiple of Lesion’s GU mines.


FIXED – Multiple LOD issues on various maps.

FIXED – Exploit that causes players to teleport when trying to vault over a ledge at EXT Central Sub-roof on Clubhouse map


FIXED – R.O.U. Projector VFX persists if the player is downed on the light screen.

FIXED – Grey drone filter stays on screen while looking through a teammate’s drone that is caught by Mozzie’s Pests.


FIXED – Various UI issues.

FIXED – Various Caster Mode and Spectator issues.

FIXED – Various Shop, Customization and Battle Pass issues.

Source: Ubisoft

Wrapping Up

We are wrapping up this guide about R6 Siege Update 1.000.032 Patch Notes with the hope that you have got to know everything about the latest R6 Siege Update 1.000.032 Patch Notes, the steps that you will have to follow to install this new patch of R6 Siege, and much more. So, follow this guide and update your game to this new version now. If you cannot update your game, then you can drop your issue below. We will try to assist you in the best possible way.

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