Radiant Cliffs Destiny 2 Guide | Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Gameplayerr’s Radiant Cliffs Destiny 2 Guide contains everything you need to know about this map. This guide contains tips, tricks, and strategies that you might be looking for, on the internet. This guide will you to dominate over your enemies, so without any further a due let’s get into it.

Radiant Cliffs Destiny 2

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The 3rd map which was introduced by Bungie is the Radiant Cliffs and that was the final map and we can proudly say that the Radiant Cliffs is one of the best maps of Destiny 2. The Radiant Cliffs are definitely one of the favorite maps of the destiny 2 players. The map is set on Mercury in the past and this map does not contain a lot of things it is actually very simple and minimalistic.

The Radiant cliffs is a perfect map for the competitive environment as it has simple designs, it looks fair and easy for the players, and does not come with a lot of clutter in it.

You have had or might not have played this game but here we have a simple guide on the map which will give you an idea about the map and we will give you some tips, tricks, and strategies from our gameplay experience of the map, so have a look at the guide on Radiant Cliffs Destiny 2.

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Radiant Cliffs Destiny 2 Guide

If you are a beginner then you must know about some tips, tricks, and strategies of the Radiant Cliffs Destiny 2, so we have prepared some strategies which can you follow and these will help you while playing the Radiant Cliffs map in destiny 2, have a look at the strategies.

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First of all, we would like to tell you that the Raident Cliffs is a combo or you can say the combination of the ranges and we would suggest you equip a combo of weapons which will help you in both the domination and in the long-range and short-range as well. Also, you can use the SMG and the Scout Rifle combo which will help you in this map, and this combo has been proven one of the best in this map.

If you want to have an easy win then take help from your friends and you should revolve around the map as a unit and this way you can give more damage and your teamwork and skills will be improved.

Here we are sharing a video that was posted on youtube and this will guide you and help you understand the situation better.

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Radiant Cliffs Destiny 2 Strategies

There is nothing fancy about this map but just being simple and minimalist and you actually don’t need a guide to play this map however we would suggest you have a look at these strategies.

As the large tree area is very open and you will be prone while attacking in this area so we suggest you stay and hold on to the position for some time and when scout out the area before advancing. Also, don’t forget to take help by taking cover around the map. If you have doubt that an enemy is hidden behind an object then just flush them out with a grenade.

So this was all about Radiant Cliffs Destiny 2 Guide.

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Hopefully, you will like our approach on Radiant Cliffs Destiny 2 Guide.

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