Raid Shadow Legends Tier List – All You Need to Know

Gamers have been looking for the latest Raid Shadow Legends Tier List, as adding some of the new champions in the game has confused them. Due to this, its players want to get the latest tier list to know about the strength of all champions in this game.

That’s why we have brought this guide about the new Raid Shadow Legends Tier List, all Legendary and Epic champions, their ranking, which one you should consider, and other related information. Let’s have a look at this guide without any delay.

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Raid Shadow Legends Tier List
Raid Shadow Legends Tier List

Raid Shadow Legends Tier List

Here is the detailed Raid Shadow Legends Tier List for you. The following list is for Legendary Champions. Epic Champions are also in the game, and we will discuss their tier list later.

Raid Shadow Legends Tier List for Legendary Champions

The champions in S Tier are the best, while the champions in D Tier are terrible.

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S Tier Champions:

  • Acrizia
  • Referee (Arbiter)
  • Bad-el-Kazar
  • Ba Satha
  • Candraphon
  • Cardiel
  • Dame Kimi (Lady Kimi)
  • Deacon Brogni (Underpriest Brogni)
  • Dracomorph
  • Duchess Lilitu (Duchess Lilitu)
  • Elva l’Automnale (Elva Autumnborn)
  • Huge Ukko (Mighty Ukko)
  • Gaius the gleeful
  • Georgid le Casseur (Georgid the Breaker)
  • Helicath
  • Hephraak
  • Hurndig
  • Ithos
  • Jintoro
  • Kalvalax
  • Kreela Witch-Arm
  • Krisk the Ageless
  • Kyoku
  • Leorius the proud (Leorius the proud)
  • Lydia the Death Siren (Lydia the Deathsiren)
  • Marichka the Robust (Marichka the Unbreakable)
  • Martyr (Martyr)
  • Ma’Shalled
  • Mithrala Lifebane (mithrala lifebane)
  • Nekhret the Great (Nekhret the Great)
  • Nekmo Thaar
  • Nethril
  • ninja
  • Prince Kymar
  • Pythion
  • Ragash
  • Raglin
  • Ramantu Sang-Drake (Ramantu Drakesblood)
  • Rotos the Lost Groom
  • Scyl des Drakes (Scyl of the Drakes)
  • Warlord (warlord)
  • Tomb Lord
  • Sicia Flametongue (Sicia Flametongue)
  • Sieur Nicolas (Sir Nicholas)
  • Siphi the Lost Bride
  • Staltus Dragonbane (Staltus Dragonbane)
  • Taras the Fierce
  • Teumesia
  • Teodor the Savant (Teodor the savant)
  • Tormin the Cold (Tormin the cold)
  • Trunda MailletDoré (Trunda Giltmallet)
  • Turvold
  • Urost Soulcage (Urost The Soulcage)
  • Ursuga Warcaller (Ursuga Warcaller)
  • Valkyrie
  • Venus
  • Yumeko
  • Zavia

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A Tier Champions:

  • Abbess (abbess)
  • Ailil
  • Altan
  • Angar
  • Archbishop Pinthroy (Archbishop Pinthroy)
  • Astralon
  • Baron
  • Bélanor
  • Bivald of the Thorn (Bivald of the Thorn)
  • Boragar the Elder
  • Brago d’Acier (Iron Brago)
  • Brakus the Shapeshifter (Brakus the Shifter)
  • Chaagur
  • Royal Hunter (Royal Huntsman)
  • Supreme Knight (Ultimate Deathknight)
  • Cleopterix
  • Countess Lix (Countess Lix)
  • Corvis The Corruptor (Corvis the Corruptor)
  • Crohnam
  • Cruetraxa
  • Cupid (Cupidus)
  • Danag Skullreap (Danag Skullreap)
  • Dreng La Tombe (Walking Tomb Dreng)
  • Drexthar Doubleblood (Drexthar Bloodtwin)
  • Foli
  • Fortus
  • Fu-Shan
  • Gamuran
  • Genzin
  • Gliseah Guidâme (Gliseah Soulguide)
  • Gnishak Mouse-king (Gnishak Verminlord)
  • Goffred Brassclad
  • Bloodgorged
  • Big Bill (Big ‘Un)
  • Gurgoth the Augur (Gurgoh the Augur)
  • Harima
  • Hegemon
  • Helior
  • Ignatius
  • Inithwe Doubleblood (Inithwe Bloodtwin)
  • Kantra le Cyclone (Kantra the Cyclone)
  • Karato the Hunter (Karato Foxhunter)
  • Keeyra the Watcher
  • Khoronar
  • Konstantin le Diurne (Konstantin the Dayborn)
  • Korugar Deadbell (Korugar Death-Bell)
  • Lanakis the Chosen
  • Longbeard
  • Lyssandra
  • Maranix
  • Maulie Chope (Maulie Tankard)
  • Mother Cybele (Mother Cybele)
  • Michinaki
  • Morrigaine
  • Nari the lucky (Nari The Lucky)
  • Narma the Returned
  • Nespectre (Ghostborn)
  • Blind Seer
  • Raé
  • Raf-Matab
  • Rakka Vilevague (Rakka Viletide)
  • Rhazin Scarhide (Rhazin Scarhide)
  • Riho Bonespear (Riho Bonespear)
  • Robar
  • Roi Gallcobar (King Gallcobar)
  • Ronda
  • Roshcard the tower (Roshcard the Tower)
  • Roxam
  • Ruarc Gardienvert (Greenwarden Ruarc)
  • Ruel Master Hunter (Ruel the Hunmaster)
  • Saito
  • Soulless guide to Soulless
  • Searsha the Charred
  • Septimus
  • Sethallia
  • Shemnath
  • Sigmund the Highshield
  • Sniktraak
  • Overlord Katonn
  • Tatura Frostskin (Tarura Rimehide)
  • Truath
  • Tuhanarak
  • Tyrant Ixlimor
  • Vasal of the seal
  • Versulf the Lugubrious (Versulf the Grim)
  • Vizier Ovelis
  • Vlad le nocturne (Vlad the Nightborn)
  • Wythir the Crowned
  • Yakarl the Scourge
  • Yannica

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Wrapping Up

We are wrapping up this article with the expectation that you have got all information Raid Shadow Legends Tier List, which champion you should consider in your game, and much more. If you have any questions about this guide, you can drop a comment below. We will be there to assist you in solving all your issues and queries.

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