Rogue Company Update Patch Notes Version 0.49

By | September 3, 2020

All the players are excited to know the Rogue Company Update Patch Notes Version 0.49. This latest update is released on November 02, 2020. You will notice a lot of changes in the game through this update.

Here, you will get the complete Rogue Company Update Patch Notes Version 0.49. It will help you in knowing the features added in the game as well as changes made through this latest update. Let’s explore the complete patch notes without any delay.

rogue company update patch notes

Rogue Company Update Patch Notes Version 0.49

Here is the complete list of Rogue Company Update Patch Notes Version 0.49. Read them carefully to know the changes made in this amazing game.

General Changes

  • Now, Deadzone adjustments for controllers can be made in the settings menu.
  • “Favelas” is back as an available map.
  • The PlayStation 4 & Xbox One keyboard & mouse has been disabled for now. They will be enabled after providing a fully functional keyboard & mouse feature.
  • Now, you can easily acknowledge/confirm teammates pings by pinging on top of existing friendly pings.
  • You can now ping enemy deployable & gadgets.
  • You can now select an option to equip all Rogues while equipping a camo or emote.
  • Now, your weapon crosshair will change to a friendly color when you will place it over a teammate.

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1. Store

Now, Rogue Company Store is available. New items will also become available each week in the store. You can now customize your Rogue, wingsuit, weapon, or emote here.

2. Surrender

Now, your team can also surrender in the game instead of finishing the current match. For calling Surrender, make sure that the following points match.

  • A player has disconnected for 3 minutes of game time.
  • 10 minutes of total match time has elapsed

If any of these points match, then your team can opt for surrender. Your team will have to vote for this. Once a player selects Surrender from the Menu, each of his teammates will get 30 seconds to cast their votes.


1. General

  • Bleedout duration is now increased from 13s to 16s.

2. Demolition

  • The time for the bomb to explode has been reduced from 55s to 50s.
  • Demolition Bomb has now projectile collisions.

3. Extraction

  • This mode will become available soon.

4. Strikeout

  • Spawn points on Canals are adjusted through this update.
  • Now, you will not be able to swap sides on round 5.

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1. Trench

  • Barbed Wire throw distance is now increased by 15%.
  • Now, Barbed Wire will not impair your team members. It will have a blue highlight to indicate that it is ‘friendly’.


1. General

  • The edges of the screen will now be slightly blurred when ADS using a scoped weapon. You can also turn off it in the display settings.

2. Devotion

  • An issue is fixed in the game in which recoil was being applied over a longer duration than intended.

3. MX-R

  • An issue is fixed where the Level 3 Upgrade of the MX-R was not receiving a recoil reduction.

4. D3D-i

  • An issue is fixed where the Level 1 & Level 3 upgrade for the D3D-i had different Kickback recovery delays.

Bugs Fixes

Apart from these changes made in the game, you will also notice a lot of bugs fixes. The developer team has worked hard to fix a lot of bugs.

This was the complete Rogue Company Update Patch Notes Version 0.49.

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Conclusion: Rogue Company Update Patch Notes

In conclusion, we hope that you have got the complete information related to Rogue Company Update Patch Notes. Download this update to enjoy all new features and changes made in the game. If you have any questions or queries related to this latest update, you can ask us in the comment section. We are here to help you in solving all your queries and questions.

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