Rust Console Update 1.11 Patch Notes | Today November 2021

By | October 15, 2023

Recently it was announced that Rust Console Update 1.11 Patch Notes is going to be available on November 11, 2021. Due to this, the fans of these games are eagerly waiting so that they can use the latest update. After knowing that update is coming several gamers are just searching over the internet about Rust Console Update 1.11 and several gaming sites are taking advantage of this situation and providing several false information.

Now we are here and we will provide each and every information about Rust Console Update 1.11 so read this article till the end. (

Know About Rust Console

Rust Console Update 1.11 Patch Notes


Rust is a multiplayer game of survival games this game is developed by face pinch studios and it was first released in 2013 and later was widely released in 2018. This game is available on Windows and IOS and on PlayStation and Xbox.

As I told that rust is a game of survival in which the players have to survive with stolen materials basically they have to manage their thirst, hunger in order to survive. In this gameplay you must give yourself nutrition otherwise you will die of starvation there are many other challenges that a player has to go through it like the wildlife attack, Drowning and the players will be more cautious while playing this game is so addictive and when you will play this game you will forget everything. For a moment you will feel that you are in a real trapped situation and fighting for your survival. To know more in detail click here.

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What’s New In The Update

As we all know that the update will be available on Xbox and Playstation. Now the fans of this game that what will be new in the update, what can you expect from the update?

So in this paragraph, we are going to reveal what is new in the Rust Console Update 1.11 so tight your belt and let see.

Free T-shirt Skin in the update

As the name of the developer of the game is Double Eleven so the creator of the series has decided to celebrate November 11 by giving a t-shirt skin whose name will be a doodle t-shirt. All the players who want the skin of the t-shirt need to visit the skin store every week during this November month to get three t-shirts.

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Rust Console Update 1.11 Patch Notes

In this paragraph I am going to reveal the patch notes of this game, Below listed are the Patch Notes

  • The issue of not adding a favourite in the locker has been solved.
  • ┬áThe player favourites in the locker which is the rock skin will now correctly apply to default rock.
  • The pre-loading time issue before starting the game has been solved.
  • When the player is using the workbench the issue of splitting not activating has been solved.
  • The Size of various texts has been reduced to free the memory.
  • The Aim Down Sight sensitivity has been fixed.

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In this article, I tried to conclude each and every question that may be rising in our mind about Rust Console Update 1.11 Patch Notes. Each and every information was given by us here are from real and official sources then we do not spread false information here.

Still, If you have any other question in your mind just like Rust Console Update 1.11 Patch Notes the tell us in the comments below we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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