Sea Of Thieves Update Today November 2021 | Patch Notes, Download Size

Sea Of Thieves Update Today November 2021 is out and the players are excited to know the changes made with this game. In this article, you can explore the complete patch notes of this game. These changes will help you to explore new things in this game.

Sea Of Thieves Update Today November 2021

Sea Of Thieves Update Today November 2021

The update has been released today, and you can explore changes with this update. There are a lot of things to explore with this update in the Sea of Thieves game. This update is available for Xbox and PC.

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Sea Of Thieves Patch Notes Today

Outpost Points of Interest

  •  Now, the players can be greeted with a subtle notification to confirm their location when they want to explore the Outposts.
    • This feature will improve the new player experience.
    • You can disable it just by adjusting the World Location Banners’ in the Settings menu.
  • Deep Sea Enemy Encounters
    • With Sea Of Thieves Update Today November 2021, now the players can still be ambushed by Sirens, but this now occurs less frequently just by swimming underwater.
  • Shrine of Ancient Tears Balancing
    • Now, the Shrine of Ancient Tears has an increased timer.
  • Sloop Redecorating
    • The crews that prefer the smaller-sized Sloop would have often questioned the need for a brig on board.
  • Crimson Crypt Cannon Flare
    • The occlusion from the effect would not be affected by graphics quality settings.

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Fixed Issues


  • With Sea Of Thieves Update Today November 2021, Just after firing an Eye of Reach, switching to a cutlass and back in quick succession no longer reloads the weapon outside the player’s view.
  • The Crews joining a server at the start of a session should now always begin their journey at an Outpost.
  • The players must be able to redeem Resource and Commodity Crates even after server migration.
  • When the Fort at Molten Sands becomes active, the skeleton waves would now emerge from the ground together in groups.
  • Megalodons attacking a stationary ship should no longer cause the ship to stutter in position.
  • While starting a Merchant Alliance Cargo Voyage within The Devil’s Roar, Morrow’s Peak would not appear as a cargo collection location.
  • With Sea Of Thieves Update Today November 2021, the crews in The Arena should no longer discover washed-up Voyages, resources, or ammunition during contests.

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Sunken Kingdom

  • If a player dies in the process of storing items in a Sunken Merfolk Statue, the storing will now be cancelled immediately and the total items stored will not be updated.
  • After using a Merfolk Statue to return to their ship, players should no longer briefly reappear back in the Shrine for other crews.
  • After retrieving Sunken Merfolk Statue loot on the surface and migrating servers, the Statue’s eyes will no longer glow upon returning.
  • Within Treasuries, the Vault Master’s health will no longer reset if a player and their crew die.

Player Input Handling

  • While holding food, using the ship’s water barrel will no longer show the eating animation without consuming the food.
  • With Sea Of Thieves Update Today November 2021, you can simply use and release an intractable ship and this feature will not fire the weapon being held while wielding a weapon and holding fire.

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Tall Tales

  • The Sunken Pearl’ – The Siren Queen and Sirens will no longer disappear when a player is above the tridents in the Siren Queen’s throne room.
  • ‘Captains of the Damned’ – Players can no longer get stuck between tree roots near the shipwreck in the swamp area.
  • ‘Captains of the Damned’ – Invisible collision has been removed from the stairs in Isla Tesoro.
  • ‘Dark Brethren’ – Players can now interact with the journal found next to the chair in the Dark Brethren meeting chamber.


It was the complete guide on Sea Of Thieves Update Today November 2021. Now, we would like to conclude this article with the hope that you have got the complete information regarding this update. If you have any queries regarding this update then you can ask us in the comment section. We would be happy to solve your queries regarding Sea Of Thieves Update Today November 2021.

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