Shadowlands Alchemy Leveling Guide

This Shadowlands Alchemy Leveling Guide will help you in leveling up your Shadowlands Alchemy skills from 1 to 175. Below, you can find out more about the Shadowlands Alchemy leveling guide, have a look.

Shadowlands Alchemy Leveling Guide

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Alchemy works best when combined with Herbalism and you can save a lot of gold if you upgrade the 2 professionals at the same time and you will be able to farm all the required herbs. But if you don’t have herbalism then you will have to make sure that you have got enough gold to get all the herbs because a lot of herbs are required.

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Also, you have to make sure that you have leveled up your characters.

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Now, have a look at the Shadowlands Alchemy Leveling Guide.

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Table of Contents

Shadowlands Alchemy Leveling Guide: Trainer Location

Oribos is the new Shadowlands city hub for both factions and you will have to go there when you have successfully completed the starting quests so that you can learn some new professional recipes before you start with the quest.

If you are wondering about the required material then there are a lot of potions you will need and you will have to craft them to level Alchemy.

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Below, you can find out how to farm herbs, if you need any of these herbs to level up Alchemy.

Shadowlands Alchemy Leveling Guide: How to farm herbs

Here is how to farm all the required herbs for Shadowlands Alchemy Leveling guide:

  • 1-20
    • 8x
      • Spiritual Healing Potion- 16 Death Blossom
    • 8x
      • Spiritual Mana Potion- 16 Death Blossom
    • 8x
      • Spiritual Rejuvenation Potion- 8 Spiritual Healing Potion, 8 Spiritual Mana Potion
  • 20-30
    • 12x
      • Ground Death Blossom- 26 Death Blossom
  • 30-45
    • 15x
      • Potion of the Hidden Spirit- 30 Death Blossom, 45 Rising Glory
  • 45-55
    • 10x
      • Ground Marrowroot – 20 Marrowroot
  • 55-60
    • 5x
      • Potion of Soul Purity – 10 Death Blossom, 15 Vigil’s Torch
  • 60-80
    • 28x
      • Potion of Specter Swiftness – 56 Death Blossom, 84 Marrowroot

        Yellow for the last 10 points.

  • 80-97
    • 22x
      • Ground Vigil’s Torch – 44 Vigil’s Torch

        The recipes will be yellow for the last 7 points.

  • 97-100
    • 3x
      • Potion of the Psychopomp’s Speed – 9 Rising Glory, 9 Vigil’s Torch
  • 100-110
    • 10x
      • Potion of Hardened Shadows – 30 Vigil’s Torch, 30 Rising Glory
  • 110-120
    • 14x
      • Ground Widowbloom – 28 Widowbloom

        The recipes will be yellow for the last 5 points.

  • 120-125
    • We would suggest you switch to Potion of Sacrificial Anima at 120 is due to the Ground Widowbloom will become green at 122 when the Potion of Sacrificial Anima will stay yellow up to 137, so you will have a great chance to give the skill points even when it is costing around x3 more.
  • 125-157
    • 38x
      • Crafter’s Mark I – 190 Death Blossom, 38 Rune Etched Vial, 114 Distilled Death Extract
  • 157-170
    • You can make 17 from any of these.
      • All of these recipes will be yellow for some last points, and you will have to make some more.
  • 170-175
    • We would suggest you finish the last 5 points with the World Ques as you will have to craft everything at the time and you don’t need to rush to 175 and you can’t craft:
      • Recipe: Eternal Cauldron, and you will need a revered reputation to get the recipe so you have a lot of time to do the 5 world quests.

The Alchemy world quest will pop us in every few days in the Shadowland zones, you just have to look for a small Alechmy icon on the map. For this, you will get 1 Shadowlands Alchemy skill point.

So this was all about the Shadownload Alchemy Leveling guide.

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Shadowlands is available to download on PC and Mac.

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Hopefully, you will like our approach on Shadowlands Alchemy Leveling Guide.

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