Smite 9.8 Patch Notes, Release Date August 2022

Smite 9.8 Patch Notes is out with some changes and fixes. In this article, you can explore the complete patch notes of the Smite 9.8 game, along with some other changes.

Smite 9.8 Patch Notes
Smite 9.8 Patch Notes

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Smite 9.8 Release Date

Smite 9.8 update is going to be released soon. After the release of the Smite game, you can enjoy playing this game without any hassle.

Here, we have embedded a tweet that will help you to explore more about Smite game:

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Smite 9.8 Patch Notes

Here, you can explore the complete patch notes of the Smite 9.8 game that will help you to explore changes made with this game:

At present, the update of the Smite 9.8 is not available, so we have provided the patch notes of the previous version of the Smite game:

Bug Fixes


  • Ferocious Executioner and Heavy Executioner
    • Fixed an issue with the passives stacking on targets
  • Sphinx’s Bauble
    • Fixed an issue where purchasing this item while dead increased the Cooldown Reduction cap more than intended
      • Due to this fix, cooldown-based MOTDs will be unavailable temporarily. These modes include:
        • Grab Bag
        • Omnipotence
        • All Out Assault
        • Cooldowns Runneth Over


Living Nightmare

  • Decreased max stacks on the slow the shadow clones apply from 4 stacks to 3 stacks (decreased max flow from 16% to 12%)
  • Decreased Damage Mitigation Chernobog gains upon landing from 10/15/20/25/30% to 10/12.5/15/17.5/20%


  • Complete quests to receive “Flips” to use on the Nickelodeon Cosmetic Grid! Flip a square on the Nickelodeon Cosmetic Grid of your choosing and uncover a random Nickelodeon Cosmetic Item!
  • Purchase all 4 Nickelodeon Skins to unlock the Danny Phantom Janus Skin!
  • There will be 4 direct purchasable Nickelodeon Skins with Smite 9.8 Patch Notes.


  • Announcer Pack Danny Phantom
  • Announcer Pack Powdered Toastman
  • Loading Screen Nickelodeon
  • Avatar XJ9
  • Announcer Pack Invader Zim
  • Avatar Invader Zim
  • Jump Stamp GIR
  • Loading Screen The Fenton Works Lab
  • Global Emote SMASHING!
  • Avatar Rocko
  • Announcer Pack Rocko

Free Track Items

  • Music Theme Zodiac Council
  • Heimdallr The Lion
  • Player Title Astroguide
  • Avatar The Scales
  • Death Stamp Zodiac Wheel
  • Avatar The Maiden


  • Week 1 – Jade Corruption Joust
  • Week 2 – Classic Conquest
  • Week 3 – Corrupted Arena
  • Week 4 – Classic Conquest
  • Week 5 – Classic Joust
  • Week 6 – 5V5 Conquest

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General Gameplay

  • Conquest
    • Primal Fury
      • Fixed an issue where Primal Fury was dealing more damage than intended
    • Speed Buff
      • Fixed an issue where the Chief Centaur’s special attack was scaling incorrectly and doing more damage than intended
    • Obelisk offerings
      • Fixed an issue where offerings were giving more mana than intended
      • Fixed an issue where the Spirit minion could be crowd-controlled out of the mist and become immune.

We have explained the complete information regarding Smite 9.8 Patch Notes. You can stay tuned with us for further information regarding updates on the Smite game. As soon we get any information regarding the update of Smite 9.8 game, we will be the first to inform you.

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It was the complete guide on Smite 9.8 Patch Notes. Now, we would like to conclude this article with the hope that you have got complete information regarding the update of the Smite 9.8 game. If you have any queries regarding the Smite game, then you can ask us in the comment section. We would be happy to solve your queries regarding Smite 9.8 Patch Notes.

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