Soul Speed Minecraft Enchantment Guide

This is soul speed Minecraft enchantment guide. Soul Speed Minecraft is one of the new boots enchantment added in the Nether Update. This enchantment will help you to move faster on soul sand or soul soil. In this article, we’ll provide you info regarding Soul speed enchantment and the way to obtain it.

Let’s start this article without any delay and start exploring Soul Speed Enchantment in the game.

Soul Speed Minecraft Enchantment Guide
Soul Speed Minecraft Enchantment

What is Soul Speed Minecraft Enchantment?

Soul Speed is a new enchantment added in the latest Nether Version of the game. It is a new type of enchantment that will help you to move or walk quicker on soul soil or soul sand.

Now, we will see the process of obtaining Soul Speed enchantment your Minecraft in your game. which will help you in increasing your tactics in nether.

Process of getting Soul Speed Enchantment

Currently, there is only one way of getting it in your game. The only way to get it is to barter with Piglins. If you don’t know them, don’t worry. Actually, they’re new mobs added in the latest update. You can find them easily in the Crimson Forest and Nether Wastes biome. Do not forget to wear at least one piece of gold armor. If you will not wear it, these things will become hostile towards you.

Soul Speed Minecraft


You will also have to calm them with your impressive and attractive wealth display. After that, you can hand over them a Gold ingot by simply throwing gold towards them. They will randomly drop one item from the loot table. There are quite a few chances that they’ll drop soul speed enchantment.

Please note that there are three levels of Soul Speed Minecraft Enchantment. The amount of speed you can run will depend on the level of Soul Speed. Higher the level, the more the amount of speed.

Now, we will see where this enchantment will work and what can it do in the game.

Where and what will it do in the game?

The major question of every gamer is that where and what will it do in the game. In this section, we will see the answers to these questions.

Soul Speed Minecraft Enchantment Particle
Soul Speed Particle

First of all, we will answer the Where part. You can apply Soul Speed Minecraft enchantment on boots using an anvil. This enchantment is only applicable to your boots. You can add it to any boot type such as Diamond, Gold, Iron, Leather, Chain, and also on the new Netherite boots.

Now, we will see What part of our question. You can apply it to your pair of boots. On applying, your running speed on Soul Soil and Soul Sand will increase. Without this enchantment, you won’t be able to walk on soul sand or soul soil easily. Soul sand will slow down your speed as it causes players or mobs to sink 2 pixels down the block.

Using this enchantment in the game is a nice idea especially if your portal meets to soul sand valley. You can use this to increase your character speed while walking on soul sand or soul soil. But, there’s also a negative side of Soul Speed Minecraft Enchantment, If you will run on Soul Sand or Soul Soil, the durability of your boots will decrease. In order to overcome this problem, you will need to have both Mending and Unbreaking on your armor. Otherwise, you’ll have to repair your boots periodically throughout your game. Having mending will help you to regenerate it easily. This will also help you to avoid constant repair.

Conclusion: Soul Speed Minecraft Enchantment

In conclusion, we hope that all your doubts are now cleared. You can drop a comment below if you have any suggestions or queries. Read our other articles on Minecraft to become a Master of this wonderful sandbox game.

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