New Artifact Mod Sundering Glare Destiny 2 | Increase Boss Damage With This Mod

By | March 4, 2021

If you are looking to boost the boss damage on Destiny 2, then you have landed at the right place. With the new Artifact Mod Sundering Glare Destiny 2, you can actually increase the boss damage. So if you want to know more about this mod, keep reading.

Sundering Glare Destiny 2

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The Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen has a lot of new and interesting artifacts. These artifacts has a lot of new and interesting mode which you can use and take advantage. But if you are wondering that which is the best artifact which can help you increase the damage, then it is the Sundering Glare. If you want to know more about this mod, then you can find more details about it, and you can also find out how to increase damage with Mod Sundering Glare Destiny 2, have a look.

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How to Boost Damage with Mod Sundering Glare Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 has a lot of different mods to try out and Season of the Chosen comes with a new mod which you should definitely try out. Yes, we are talking about the Sundering Glare Destiny 2 mod.

First of all, have a look at its description, and then we will talk about it.

Rapid precision hits versus distant targets weaken them for a short duration.

It means that it can unstablizes enemies that are able to land rapidly. This mods comes handy when you are fighting with a boss in Destiny 2. It can easily handle most of the bosses in Destiny 2. A youtube named Scrub proved this thing by showing off this in his videos. He used the Sundering Glare mod against the Taniks. Scrub and his team somehow manages to kill the boss in a Single DPS phase. The Sundering Glare mod is one of the most useful artifact for the Destiny 2 player, as it debuffs the enemy. And the debuffing mechanic works superb in this mod.

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How to use Sundering Glare Destiny 2?

If you are still confused and don’t really know what to do, or how can you use it, then have a look at this video.

This video has been posted on YouTube and he is showing off that how the Sundering Glare can be used to cut a boss like butter.

The Sundering Glare makes every shot a critical hit and also it increases a total of 25% damage for player. When it comes to using the Sundering Glare Destiny 2 mod with different weapons the it works best with the Weapons of Light and it applies itself to the Power ammo.

Bungie is ending up the nerfing of the Bell of Conquest’s new mod. Developers are thinking it to be a little too powerful as it triggers against the invincible enemies, which is not good according to them, and it makes the game a lot easier for players, which Bungie don’t want to do and it not intend to do.

Bungie wants the raid bossed to be strong enough to kill a player once or twice before the player kill the boss. But according to us, the if mods is nerfer then hopefully, everything will be maintained. However, we are sure that every body is not going to like it.

So this was all about the Sundering Glare Destiny 2.

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Hopefully, you will like our approach on New Artifact Mode Sundering Glare Destiny 2 | Increase Boss Damage With This Mod.

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