Top Minecraft 1.17 seeds- Easy guide

Minecraft 1.17 seeds

Minecraft 1.17 seeds!! Best way to discover Minecraft java 1.17 in detail. Minecraft 1.17 just came out and you guys must to ready to explore it. Well, we bought you some of the Minecraft 1.17 seeds to pretty much start your journey just at the beginning without any hustle and bustle.

These seeds have new things like the Amethyst cluster and other 1.17 related things just at the pity start. Ready to explore these seeds?

We sorted out the top 5 Minecraft 1.17 seeds to match your need!!

Top 5 Minecraft 1.17 seeds:

Minecraft 1.17 seeds

  • The Amethyst cluster (-1996074502918126134): This seed has the Amethyst cluster at the very beginning. you just have to dig down at the spawn and most probably you’ll end up in the mineshaft. At the center of Minecraft, you’ll find an Amethyst cluster with a spider spawner. On the other-hand mineshaft, itself is filled with very useful resources.
    • Coordinate:150,200
    • Amethyst cluster coordinate: 100,-100

Minecraft 1.17 seeds

  • Mushroom island (367320389200009836): Mushroom island never gets old in the list of Top Minecraft seeds. It is considered one of the rarest biome you’ll find. These biomes have a large probability to spawn with the surrounding water. This is not the case here, you have got a desert, a savannah village, and grassland surrounding it.
    • Coordinate: 250,250

Minecraft 1.17 seeds

  • Large Mesa, Tall birch!! (911088255053741293): Tall birch, another one of the rarest biome. This seed also has a mesa biome right at the spawn point which itself is very rare. Well, this is not the end. It also has a village which is great to start your journey. Need some slimes? Yeh, it also comes with a swampland nearby your spawn point. Also beyond birch hills, you’ll find another village. Good luck finding it!!
    • Coordinate: 50,50

Minecraft 1.17 seeds

  • Strange spawn (8790924321053454008): The luckiest and one of my favorite of all. There are 3 villages just at some distance from the spawn. Stronghold is ain’t too far. And also it has a mushroom biome with itself is rare.
    • Village 1:1050, -300
    • Village 2:1300, 50
    • Village 3:750, -700
    • Stronghold:1550, -450
    • Mushroom island:1600, -850

Minecraft 1.17 seeds

  • Icy cold (-3022789163675233444): This seed is somewhat different from regular spawn. You’re gonna spawn in the ice Spike biome which is kinda rare. There are not one, not two, not three… but four villages that though not too far from spawn.
    • Village 1:800, 50
    • Village 2:800, -150
    • Village 3:-100,50
    • Village 4:100,300
    • Pillager outpost:50,150

Some extra Minecraft 1.17 seeds:

  • -2102555727535557493: Exposed Amethyst cluster at 1000,-1300
  • 4977786462566364837: Buried desert temple at 50,300. Showcase many biomes such as snowy tundra, extreme hills, and savanna.
  • 6359547212784167993: Tiga village with the ruined portal that leads straight to bastion remnant.
  • 9028338446223346027: Survival island with the village. Desert temple with a village at 50,50.
  • -4285686648222502032: Double village and ruined portal right at the spawn with a chance of having free obsidian in the portal chest. You can use that to complete the portal. Portal will head straight to bastion remnant at -200,100.
  • -440376300492410791: Desert temple at 50,150. Kinda populated village in the acacia biome quite near to the spawn.
  • -4285980127926612769: Forest spawn, two villages with the ruined portal at 150,250. Portal will lead you to a bastion remnant with another bastion remnant attached together (no too far from each other).
  • 6795940333822592077: Village with two blacksmiths and a ruined portal not too far from the spawn. Features badlands and another village at 350,-200.
  • 1591479477284882667: Features a jungle pyramid, desert, and temple not too far from spawn. Another village on the east of jungle at 100,150.
  • 2115116628201592787: Coral reefs surrounding your village spawn. I’d consider it quite good for survival.
  • 4368732925595056358: spawn showcase a huge island with four biomes… Desert, savannah, plains, and mushroom island. This kind of occurrence is quite rare. Also, you’ll find an ocean monument not too far from spawn at 150,300.

I hope these Minecraft 1.17 seeds would help you a lot in discovering Minecraft world. Minecraft always has been fun and there are many mysteries which new players would love to discover and Minecraft seeds are best to have to save your time.

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