Top Minecraft 1.17 servers | Easy Guide

Minecraft 1.17 servers

Minecraft 1.17 servers

looking for Minecraft 1.17 servers? 1.17 snapshot just came out and we know you’ll are excited about it. We’ve handpicked some Minecraft 1.17 servers and ranked them according to their features. Here are the top 8 Minecraft 1.17 servers 🙂

Top Minecraft 1.17 servers:

Minecraft 1.17 servers

  • 1) Kilocraft: The owner of this server is DrexHD. It is located in the US with 100% uptime. It has features like PvP, Survival, and vanilla.
  • 2) Adventure- Avaloncs.Group: This server is located in the Czech Republic and the owner of this server is avaloncs and it has many features like Economy, kit PvP, PvP, and survival with 100% uptime and supports for 50 players.
  • 3) Inferno PvP: It’s an Anarchy server and on the contrary, it also supports Survival, Hardcore, and vanilla. This is the only Anarchy server on our Minecraft 1.17 servers list. The owner of this server is JitoSushi and it is located in the US showcasing its unique features.
  • 4) Roleocraft: The owner of this server is Tomigames123. They support 300 players as of now and it is located in the US. If you’re looking for some role play then this server is for you.
  • 5) World of Blocks: The owner of this server is suzuya223 and it is located in the UK. It has many features like Economy, PvP, Survival, Vanilla, and much more!!
  • 6) Spaget: This server is specially designed to experience 1.17 survival. The owner of this server is casepoet and it is located in the UK. If you live somewhere near Uk then this server is for you. We’d recommend this server only if you’re looking for a pure survival experience.


  • 7) GlitzMC Network: This server deserves a special position on our list and it is better in its own way. The owner of this server is GamerGlitz. If you’re looking for Minecraft 1.17 PvP server then this server is the right choice for you.


  • 8) Trinity SMP: This server has many features like Economy, MCMMO, PvE, PvP, Roleplay, and survival too! The owner of this server is TrinityCraft and It is located in the United States. So, if you live somewhere near the US then this server is for you. You won’t face any lag spikes or ping issues on this server.

How to join Minecraft servers:

Minecraft 1.17 servers

To join Minecraft servers follow the below-given steps:

  • Open Minecraft launcher
  • Chose Minecraft 1.17 latest snapshot from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on the launch button
  • After launcher click on Multiplayer on the title screen.
  • Here you’ll see a button named “add server” on the bottom of the screen. Just click on that and add server Ip.
  • Then simply join the server.

Why you should choose Minecraft 1.17 servers?

Minecraft 1.17 snapshot just came out. They have added many features and stuff recently. The reason for releasing a snapshot before the final version is nothing but to let the players do whatever they want in the game and enquire about some major bugs they experienced while playing.

This ensures the bugless version of the game. Playing on Minecraft 1.17 sever helps you to discover problems that you might face while playing on the server so that Mojang can fix it in the next update.

Note: Some of these Minecraft 1.17 servers might be close at the moment or some of them won’t let you in. The reason for this problem is that 1.17 is yet to release and it is in beta and server owners and moderators are working on releasing add-ons and features that will support Minecraft 1.17.

1.17 plugins are currently under development state and this can be the reason for the server being offline at a certain time of the day. Some of these servers can have base version 1.8 but still, you’ll be able to join with the latest snapshot.

We respect our readers and the Minecraft gaming community. If you’ve any queries or doubts comment down below. We’re here to solve them out!! Make sure to check out our other Minecraft articles on the latest snapshot 🙂

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