Turkey Day Thanksgiving Event Start Time & Date: Best Guide

If you are an Animal Crossing player and want to know about Turkey Day Thanksgiving Event Start Time & Date then you can read this article. We have brought this article to explain the complete information regarding this topic.

Turkey Day Thanksgiving Event Start Time
Turkey Day Thanksgiving Event Start Time

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Turkey Day Thanksgiving Event

Turkey Day with Franklin is an event in Animal Crossing: New Horizon game. This event is celebrating the American Thanksgiving holiday with different recipes to cook. You can cook a lot of recipes as well as earn different prizes. This event was introduced after Version 1.6 Winter Update.

Turkey Day Thanksgiving Event Start Time & Date

The starting day of this event is 26th November 2020 at 9 am. Once the event would be started, you can enjoy taking part in this event, have fun and earn a lot of rewards. The event starting date for both areas such as Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere will be the same. The resident services with Isabelle should be unlocked in order to experience this wonderful event.

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Changes with Turkey Day Thanksgiving Event

Here we have explained the complete changes that you can see with this event.

  • Franklin Turkey would appear outside on the island around the resident services carrying his chef hat.
  • You will find a cooking table with pots, ingredients, and pans outside.
  • You will find the dining tables as well as other holiday decorations.
  • The villager will also put the hats, drinks, as well as carry plates. You can also hang out around the plaza.

Activities of Turkey Day Thanksgiving Event

After discussing Turkey Day Thanksgiving Event Start Time, you might be interesting to explore the activities of Turkey Day Thanksgiving Event.

  • You can also talk to Franklin in order to obtain different recipe ingredient instructions for four Thanksgiving dishes.
  • You have to also collect a lot of recipe ingredients near your island just by diving, fishing as well as gathering materials.
  • Here, you can also obtain different ingredients that you are missing from the villagers just by trading fish with them inside their houses.
  • Here, you can also learn different tips for some secret ingredients in different dishes just by doing the business of fish to the villagers.
  • You have to give Franklin the ‘secret’ ingredients in order to enhance each dish as well as earn some extra rewards.

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Cook Recipes For Franklin

We have discussed the Turkey Day Thanksgiving Event Start Time, activities of turkey day thanksgiving event, and changes with Turkey Day Thanksgiving Event, we would like to tell you the Cook Recipes For Franklin.

In order to start the Turkey Day Thanksgiving event, you have to move to Resident Services as well as find the Franklin hanging. Franklin will introduce himself as well as offer instructions for the dish he wanted to cook with different cooking recipes. Franklin will ask you to cook four different delicious dishes for him throughout Turkey Day. Each initial recipe takes a lot of main ingredients that would be disclosed to you such as sea creatures, sea, and much more.

For this, you have to go to the island and find these ingredients and cook it to make delicious food. After cooking the dishes, you can easily place them in the plaza. For this, you will receive some rewards.

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