UFC 4 Closed Beta, How to get Access, Release Date 2020 for PS5, XBox series X

Every fan of the UFC video game series is waiting for UFC 4 Closed Beta. They want to get access to the beta version of this amazing and upcoming game.

In this article, we will see how to get access to the UFC 4 Closed Beta. We will also see the release date of this upcoming game. So, let’s start seeing our topic without any delay.

ufc 4 closed beta

Getting Access to UFC 4 Closed Beta

Every user is excited to get access to UFC 4 Closed Beta. In this section of the article, we will tell you how to get beta access easily. You will be able to get the beta access for your PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Currently, the beta testing for this upcoming game is closed. So, you just cannot enter the beta testing and download this game. Now, you will have to enter the code to get access to the game. These codes will only be available for selected gamers and media outlets. So, you will have to wait till the release of this game if you have not registered in the beta program of this game.

After seeing the UFC 4 Close Beta details, we will see the release date of this upcoming game in the famous UFC series.

Release date of UFC 4

In this section of our article, we will see the release date of this amazing game. UFC 4 is going to release on November 14, 2020, on PlayStore 4 and Xbox One. EA Access Subscribers will get access to this game on November 7, 2020. This is the official release date. So, can wait for this upcoming game till the given date.

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After seeing UFC 4 Closed Beta, we will see the list of all supported Gaming Consoles for this upcoming game.

Supporting Platforms for this Upcoming Game

In this section of our article, we will see the list of all the gaming platforms on which you can enjoy this upcoming game. This will you in preparing your hardware for this game.

Here is the list of all the supporting platforms for this amazing game. Make sure that you own one of them.

  • PlayStation 4 (Confirmed)
  • Xbox One (Confirmed)
  • PlayStation 5 (Not Confirmed)
  • Xbox Series X (Not Confirmed)

EA has confirmed that this game will be supported on PS4 and Xbox One by releasing its Beta Testing. We can expect that this game will get support for the upcoming gaming consoles in the future.

Now, we will see about this upcoming game in brief. It will help you in getting more information about this upcoming game.

Information about UFC 4

UFC 4 is an upcoming mixed martial art fighting game. This game is coming in the UFC gaming series. The developer and publisher of this game is going to be EA Sports. It is going to release on November 14, 2020. Players will be able to enjoy this amazing mixed martial art game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and on other platforms.

The graphics of this game is going to be more realistic than the previous games in this series. You will get many new characters in this upcoming game. The camera mode is also improved in this game.

Coach Davis will guide you in this game. You can also create a custom character for your game. It is going to be a cool feature in the game.

Conclusion: UFC 4 Closed Beta

In conclusion, we hope that you have got all information about UFC 4 Closed Beta along with its release date. If you have any queries or questions regarding this topic, feel free to ask your question in the comment section. We will help you in solving your problem.

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