Unending Magnificent Borderlands 3 – Weapon Guide

By | August 17, 2020

There are a lot of weapons in Borderlands 3, but Unending Magnificent Borderlands 3 is an amazing Legendary Weapon in this game. If you do not like your Pistol, then you should check out this legendary pistol.

In this guide, you will get the complete information related to Unending Magnificent Borderlands 3 in detail. We have covered every single piece of information related to this amazing weapon. Let’s explore the complete information about this weapon without any delay.

unending magnificent borderlands 3


Unending Magnificent Borderlands 3

Unending Magnificent Borderlands 3 is one of the most popular legendary weapons in the game that you can use for firing for a long period of time. The best thing about this amazing weapon is that it has a total of three magazines. This makes this weapon amazing in the game. It is actually a Vladof pistol.

The special weapon effect is also amazing for this legendary pistol. We will discuss it later in this article. It is important to know the drop location of this weapon in order to get it easily in the game. So, let’s explore the drop location of this legendary weapon.

What is the Drop Location of this amazing Weapon?

If we talk about the drop location of this amazing legendary pistol, it is a World Drop. Due to this, it can drop from anywhere in this amazing game Borderlands 3.

What about the Special Weapon Effect?

The special weapon effect of this Unending Magnificent Borderlands 3 is ‘Yedesh na den’, khleba beri na nedelyu’. Yes, it is in Russian. But, we have translated it for you. Its English meaning is ‘You go for a day, take bread for a week’.

The fire rate as well as the magazine size of this amazing weapon is very high. Due to this, you will have to spend more time for reloading this. Its magazine can fit around 100 bullets, that’s amazing.

How can I use it?

This weapon will be amazing only if you handle and use it perfectly. If you will not use it properly, there will not be any benefit of this legendary weapon. So, we have also covered the using method of this weapon.

As we all know that you can use this weapon for a long period of time, due to this, you will not have to continuously reload it.

When you will fire with this amazing weapon, it will go slightly upward. So, you will have to move it slightly downward for keeping your aim perfect.

Apart from that, the reloading time of this weapon is high. So, you will become vulnerable during its reloading. It will take 6 seconds for reloading Unending Magnificent pistol. So, become safe during reloading it.

General Stats of this legendary weapon

A weapon guide without its general stats is incomplete. So, we have covered all the general stats of this amazing weapon in this section.

  • The weapon damage of the Unending Magnificent is 237.
  • If we talk about the fire rate, it is 12.68/s.
  • The magazine size of this legendary weapon is 115.
  • If we talk about its handling, it is 58%.
  • Its accuracy is 55%.
  • The reloading time of this weapon is 6 seconds.
  • It has 4x Weapon Zoom.
  • It is very effective against Flesh as well as shields.
  • Unending Magnificent has Anointed Siren.

Conclusion: Unending Magnificent Borderlands 3

In conclusion, we hope that you have got the complete information related to Unending Magnificent Borderlands 3. You can now use this weapon easily in the game. If you have any questions or queries related to this legendary weapon in the game, you can ask us in the comment section. We are here to help you in solving all your queries and questions.

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