Valheim Cheats 2021 List | Spawn Items | Fly | Stamina | How to Enable Cheats?

By | February 28, 2021

Cheats and Console commands always makes it easy to play the game and make it more enjoyable. So here are all the Valheim Cheats 2021 list, spawn items, flying, stamina, and How to enable the cheats in Valheim, have a look.

Valheim Cheats 2021 List

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If you are looking for Valheim Cheats 2021 list, then you have landed at the best and right place, as below, we have given all the Valheim cheats that you need to activate god mode, reset things up, flying, spawning, and a much more that you can do, all is there below.

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Valheim Cheats 2021 List: Valheim All Cheat Codes and Console Commands

First of all, to activate the cheat code and console commands in Valheim, you need to know that how you can activate these. Below, after this section we have provided full process that how you can activate console commands in Valheim. But for now, have a look at the Valheim Cheats 2021 list and all console commands.

  • god – Activate god mode for invulnerability and one-hit kills
  • raiseskill [skill] [amount] – Increases the specified skill by the entered amount
  • resetcharacter – Reset character skills and inventory
  • puke – Reset hunger and default health and stamina for your character
  • beard – Remove your character’s beard
  • dpsdebug – Toggles damage per second display on/off
  • freefly – Access the free camera
  • ffsmooth 0 – Resets free camera smoothing
  • save – Force the game to save
  • exploremap – Clear fog and display the full map
  • ffsmooth 1 – Free camera smoothing
  • players [nr] – Scale the difficulty based on player numbers, with 1 for no scaling and 0 to reset scaling
  • model [nr] – Switch between male and female character, use 0 or 1
  • hair – Remove your character’s hair
  • heal – Full health for your character
  • resetskill [skill] – Reset specified skill to 0
  • ghost – Activate ghost mode where enemies ignore you
  • location – Set a new spawn location
  • killall – Kill all enemies in the area
  • tame – Tame all creatures in the area
  • tod [nr] – Set the time of day, with 0 or 1 for midnight, 0.5 for midday, and -1 to revert to natural time
  • skiptime [nr] – Skip forward the specified number of seconds

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  • sleep – Skip forward one day
  • spawn [item] [quantity] [level] – Spawn the specified item (see below)
  • debugmode – Enter Creative Mode, where you can then press:
    • Z – Enter/exit Flying Mode
    • K – Kill all enemies in the area
    • B – Enter/exit No Placement Cost Mode = repair tools and equipment without a Workbench and craft anything for zero cost
  • event [name] – Start the specified event
  • stopevent – Stop the current event
  • randomevent – Start a random event
  • event [name] – Start the specified event
  • stopevent – Stop the current event
  • randomevent – Start a random event
  • resetmap – Clear exploration and reset the full map
  • pos – Display player coordinates
  • goto [x,y] or goto [x,y,z] – Transport player to coordinates entered

So these were all the console commands and Valheim cheats 2021 list for flying, reseting things up, spawning, and you can do a lot of stuff with these console commands. And now let us have a look at how to activate these console comannds and cheat codes in Valheim.

Valheim Cheats 2021 List: How to Activate Console Commands and Cheat Codes in Valheim?

To enable Console Commands or cheats in Valheim, you have to press F5 which will bring up the console command box. You will have to type this text in the box and then press enter:


Before, acttivate cheat please note that these cheats or console commands won’t work in multiplayer mode.

To disable cheats or console commands, you will have to retype the same command “imacheater”.

After activating the console commands, you can type any console command to get free stuff and special abilities.

So this was all about Valheim Cheats 2021 list.

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Hopefully, you will like our approach on Valheim Cheats 2021 List | Spawn Items | Fly | Stamina | How to Enable Cheats.

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