Valorant First Strike Bracket : Tournament Rewards

If you are a Valorant player, then you might be interested in exploring Valorant First Strike Bracket. In this article, we will discuss the complete information about this event. If you are planning to join the tournament then this article would be helpful to you.

Valorant First Strike Bracket
 Valorant First Strike Bracket

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Valorant First Strike Bracket

The First Strike is an event in this game that was announced several weeks ago. This event will have a prize pool of $100,000 in the North America Region.

How the Valorant First Strike’s qualifiers are set

If you want to discover the Valorant First Strike Bracket, then you can read this section. We have explained the complete information regarding this event:

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Stage 1: Nerd Street Gamers Open Qualifiers

NSG open qualifiers start on 26th November 2020 and end on 30th November 2020. It will feature 128 participating items but only 16 teams will qualify for the next stage. They have to face off in the single-elimination bracket in the best of 3 matches.

Stage 2: First Qualifier

There are 16 qualified teams from the NSG open quals that will battle it out for a place in the top 8. From the top 8, only the top 4 teams will be directly advancing to the First Strike. The next 4 teams will have to participate in the second qualifiers. The first qualifier would run from 4th November to 8th November. The top four squads go to face off in the main event.

Stage 3: UMG Open Qualifiers

The UMG opens the quals that will feature 128 participating teams just like the NSG qualifiers. It will start on the 11th of November and ends on 15th November 2020. The top 12 teams will also get a chance to show their best in the second qualifiers.

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Stage 4: Second Qualifier

The second qualifier will contain 12 different qualifying teams from the UMG qualifiers, as well as four teams from the first qualifier. The top 4 teams will advance to the Valorant First Strike Bracket event. It will run from 18th November to 22nd November 2020.

Stage 5: First Strike

The eight qualifying teams would fight in the main stage. Valorant First Strike Bracket main event will start on 3rd December, and it will conclude on 8th December. The players will get a chance to earn up to $100,000.

List of Some Teams

128 teams will participate in the first NA open qualifiers. Here is the name of some teams only: Spacestation Gaming, FaZe Clan, Dignitas, Cloud9 White, 100 Thieves, Phoenix1.

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gg, T1, Complexity, Immortals, TSM, Team Envy, Luminosity, Renegades, Sentinels, Cloud9 Blue, and NRG. If we will explain the list of all participating teams then it would be too long that’s why we have only listed the names of some top-tier teams.

About Valorant Game

It is a multiplayer tactical first-person shooter game that is absolutely free to play. Riot Games is the developer as well as the publisher of this game. It is a team-based tactical shooter game. The agents have different unique abilities. You can also purchase a lot of weapons in this game. This game is full of fun and joy.

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You can explore sniper rifles, sidearms, assault rifles, machine guns, submachine guns, as well as shotguns.

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This game was released on 2nd June 2020. This app is available on the Microsoft Windows platform. You can also explore automatic as well as semi-automatic weapons in this game.

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It was the complete guide on Valorant First Strike Bracket. Now we would like to conclude this article with the hope that you have got the complete information regarding this event. If you have any queries then you can ask us in the comment section. We would be happy to solve your queries.

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