Warzone Patch Notes July 2022, Season 4

Warzone Patch Notes July 2022 is out and the players are excited to know the changes made with this game. In this article, you can explore the recent patch notes of the Warzone game.

Warzone Patch Notes July 2022
Warzone Patch Notes July 2022

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Warzone Patch Notes July 2022

  • 1,300 Total COD Points
    • 300 free COD Points within the Battle Pass System with Warzone Patch Notes July 2022.
    • 1,000 more to unlock across the full Battle Pass
  • Two new free Weapons
    • Marco 5: Submachine Gun (VG)
    • UGM-8: Light Machine Gun (VG)
  • 25 free items
    • Including Weapon Blueprints, Charms, and Calling Cards
  • Battle Pass Bundle
    • Immediately unlock 25 Tiers
    • Bundle-exclusive Legendary Captain Butcher Operator Skin.

Mercenaries of Fortune New Event

  • “Moneybags”
    • Challenge:
      • Collect $100,000 in gold on Fortune’s Keep.
    • Reward:
      • Rare “Venomous Approval” Weapon Sticker
  • “Shopping Spree”
    • Challenge:
      • Purchase 5 items from the Black Market Station on Fortune’s Keep.
    • Reward:
      • Epic “Scaled Snipe” Weapon Reticle
  • “Cutthroat”
    • Challenge:
      • Get 50 Player kills on Fortune’s Keep.
    • Reward:
      • Legendary “False Prospector” Golden Vanguard Weapon Camo.
  • “Pocket Sand”
    • Challenge:
      • Dig up 3 piles of buried treasure on Fortune’s Keep.
    • Reward:
      • Epic “Nefarious Deeds” Weapon Charm
  • “Storing Bodies”
    • Challenge:
      • Get 25 kills in Storage Town on Caldera.
    • Reward:
      • Rare “Death Prospector” Golden Vanguard Weapon Camo
  • “Road Trip”
    • Challenge:
      • Get 5 kills while in a vehicle.
    • Reward:
      • Legendary “Nugget” Weapon Charm

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  • Hunt down Golden Keycards in-ground loot to access valuable bunkers with Warzone Patch Notes July 2022.
  • The player count increased to 120, up from 100
  • Cash required for Victory increased to $5,000,000
  • Players drop more Cash on death
  • Visit one of the malfunctioning ATM machines to earn additional $$$

Fortune’s Keep Resurgence

  • Player Counts
  • Solos: 46
  • Trios: 45
  • Duos: 46
  • Quads: 40

Plunder Adjustments

  • Most Wanted Contracts have been removed from the Plunder loot pool.

Caldera Updates

  • Fighter Plane|Updated Gameplay
    • With the positive response to the Fighter Plane returning in Operation Monarch, we have re-enabled these vehicles for Battle Royale and will continue to monitor sentiment and engagement over the season.
  • Mercenary Bunkers / Golden Keycards|New Gameplay
    • New keycards found in ground loot provide access to any of the 7 mercenary bunkers hidden across the map – indicated on the Tac Map with yellow circles.
  • Storage Town|New Point of Interest
    • The return of the fan favorite POI, Storage Town, now visible on the Tac Map.
    • This POI will be used for a dedicated “Clash” Limited-Time Mode in Week 3 of Season Four.
  • Micro POIs|New Map Elements
    • The addition of new micro POIs to fill gaps between the major POIs to offer more looting and engagement opportunities.
  • “Arid” Vegetation|Updated Gameplay
    • Vegetation across Caldera has been reduced by 50%.
    • A new ‘arid’ look to the map was implemented to offer some visual variety to this season.
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It was the complete guide on Warzone Patch Notes July 2022. Now, we would like to conclude this article with the hope that you have got the complete information regarding the update of the Warzone game. If you have any queries regarding the update of the Warzone game then you can ask us in the comment section.

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We would be happy to solve your queries regarding Warzone Patch Notes July 2022.

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