What is Dropkick in Cold War? Dropkick is a new multiplayer in Cold War which has been introduced by Treyarch in the latest update for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War.

We have all details and information regarding the new Dropkick multiplayer mode. We will also tell you that How to get the Dropkick Game Mode in the game, so keep scrolling.

What is dropkick in cold war

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What is Dropkick in Cold War?

Call of Duty Cold War is getting a lot of updates since the last week already there is a playlist update, which we have already covered. In the latest update of the Cold War, there is a new mode that has been introduced by the developers, Treyarch.

Dropkick is a new multiplayer mode that has been introduced in the latest Patch update of Cold war. The Dropkick mode is a 6v6 multiplayer battle mode that has already been added in the Cold War with the update. In the Dropkick mode, the map is centered around 2 teams that will battle for a briefcase or a suitcase. Your team has to gain the access to the briefcase, and the briefcase contains some nuclear codes.

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After you have entered into the game, your team will have to rush to get access to the briefcase and you and your team have to make sure that you keep the control of the briefcase to yourself as much long as you can. Because the team which will hold the control or the access of the briefcase will have to hit a score of 200 to win in the round. Winning the round won’t be that easy as the enemy team will also try to get access to the briefcase so you will need good teamwork to win in the match.

You should also know that if you eliminate an enemy they will not respawn again in the round and if you try to eliminate them then it will become very easy for you to gain access, but as always teamwork is a must in the Dropkick mode. And you also have to make sure while eliminating the enemy team none of their members should have control of the briefcase, otherwise you would lose the round.

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A dead player can only be respawned in the match if the carrier of the briefcase is eliminated and the briefcase is dropped. But if the enemy team member has the control to briefcase then you have to flush him out and retrieved.

So, this was all about What is Dropkick in Cold War and now let us see how to get the Dropkick Mode in the Cold War.

What is Dropkick in Cold War: How to get the Dropkick Mode?

Getting the dropkick mode in the cold war is very easy, you don’t even need to download any client or any other application for that. The Dropkick mode will be automatically downloaded and installed in the game whenever you launch the game.

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The Call of Duty latest update is already out, so if you are not seeing the Dropkick mode in your device then you first have to update the game, and only after that, the Dropkick will be installed.

So now you know What is Dropkick in Cold War and to get it installed on your device.

So this was all about What is Dropkick in Cold War and How to get the Dropkick mode in the game.

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Hopefully, you will like our approach on What is Dropkick in Cold War? How to Get Dropkick Game Mode in COD.

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