What is Orange Incense Pokemon Go? How to Use Orange Incense?

What is Orange Incense Pokemon Go and How to use it? You might have seen Green Incense turning into Orange. This only happens when a special event comes into the game. And if you don’t know What is Orange Incense Pokemon Go and How you can use it for your profit, here we have a complete guide on this, have a look.

Orange Incense Pokemon Go

The first time when the Orange Incense was appeared in Pokemon Go was in May 2020 and players did not understood what actually was that. Before that Niantic did not even introduced the Orange Incense to the player and didn’t even post a single post on their social media or blog. They usually introduce a matching color incense, with the event. But first time they introduced an unusual color which was Orange.

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Do you know that the whole stash of Incense that are available in the container will turn into orange during the special event, this was not the thing, Niantic did for the first time, and let us tell you that Orange Incense is not something great, it is just a mixture or you can say a little bit of tweaked Incense which is present in the normal inventory items.

So now we should move on to our main topic which is What is Orange Incense Pokemon Go and then we will move to How to use it.

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What is Orange Incense Pokemon Go?

The Orange Incense in Pokemon Go appears during some special occasions or events and what the orange incense does is not great, rather what it does is just normal things which other incense also does. The Orange Incense attaccts a specific Pokemon at the high level at a local place.

You can understand this as, when the Lake Legend event was running, orange incense containers used to add up in the spawn rate of a Pokemon which could include pokemon such as the Psyduck, Abra, Magikarp, and the Goldeen. This could be a golden opportunity for you if you are trying to catch some shiny Pokemon during an event.

In the lake legend event, there were a lot of Pokemon which appeared during the event and some of them are the Psyduck, Abra, Kadabra, Goldeen, Magikrap, Lickitung, Surskit, Ralts, Bidoof, Starly and the Shellos.

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Now we will see How to use the Orange Incense Pokemon Go.

How to use Orange Incense Pokemon Go?

If you have used some Incense during an event or even without event on the normal days then you won’t face any issue in using the Orange Incense as well. Using the Orange Incense is similar to the other traditional Incense such as the green Incense in Pokemon Go. You just have to click on the Orange Incense which should be present in the inventory items and it will get activated.

During the special events such as the Lake Legend event, Orange Incense could easily could easily spawn an additional Pokemon. But it is not possible as of now, hopefully, Niantic will get that feature back again in some other event. The Orange Incense lasts for 1 hour and the Incense can be bought from the Pokemon Go Shop for 40 Pokecoins and also you can get Pokecoins by using 8 Incense, when the event ends, Orange Incense turns into Green.

So this was all about How to use Orange Incense Pokemon Go.

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Hopefully, you will like our approach on What is Orange Incense Pokemon Go and How to use orange incense.

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