What is tag in Pokemon Go? Pokemon Go Tag Feature

By | December 3, 2020

After the Pokemon Go update, trainers are asking, What is tag in Pokemon Go? How does the Pokemon Go Tag Feature work? etc. The level cap has been increased from 40 to 50, so the trainers are more excited this time.

What is tag in Pokemon Go Pokemon Go tag feature

Pokemon Go is a very popular game and it keeps getting the latest updates every month for a lot of new features, content addition, and events in the game. And Events are something that every pokemon go player is excited for. There are a lot of events that come in every month in Pokemon Go.

In December 2020, there is a new update named Go Beyond. The Go Beyond is something different and unique which the developers haven’t done before this. In the Go Beyond update of Pokemon Go, the trainers have to focus on increasing the level cap instead of focusing on increasing the EXP. In this update, trainers have to increase the level cap up to 50, earlier it on level 40. And to do that, trainers have to increase the EXP and they have to focus more on finding a lot of Pokemon in the game.

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So now let’s discuss what is tag in Pokemon Go and How does the tag feature Pokemon Go Works?, have a look at the details.

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What is tag in Pokemon Go?

With the Pokemon Go’s Go Beyond update. gen 6 creatures have arrived in the game. The creatures belong to the Kalos region. The Kalos region has its own tasks and rewards which trainers can avail. Trainers must be aware of these rewards and tasks, these will only be available till December 08, 2020, at 22:00 local time. Now let us see what is tag in Pokemon Go.

What is tag in Pokemon Go?

Tag is a new feature, which was added to the game on December 2nd, after the latest update arrival. The tag in Pokemon Go allows you to manage your roster of creatures by organizing them into groups.

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How to find the tag feature in Pokemon Go?

Just follow the given steps to find the tag feature:

  • First of all, click the Poke Ball at the bottom
  • Click on Pokemon
  • Tags will be available near Pokemon and Eggs.

Here is a youtube tutorial on How to use the tag feature in Pokemon Go, have a look.

What is tag in Pokemon Go: Pokemon Go Tag Feature

Using tags in Pokemon Go is very easy and simple, and here we have a simple and little guide on How to use the Tag feature in Pokemon Go. You can use tags by tagging the roster of creatures in the game, now have a look at the guide.

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Here is how to use Tag in Pokemon Go:

  • First of all, select the ‘+’ icon in the game.
  • Then enter a name here
  • Here you have to choose a colour.
  • Now click on ‘Done’.

After you are done by creating the tag, now you have to add your favourite or desired creature from the Pokemon Go roster. To start tagging your creatures, you can select the freshly made category and then select the ‘+’ icon.

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Here select the creature and add it. The new Pokemon Go Tag feature can come handy while categorising your creatures and your desired line ups. You can also delete these tags by selecting the tag and then click on the pencil icon at the top right corner and then click on delete.

Hopefully, you will like our approach on What is tag in Pokemon Go.

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