Yaoguang Shoal Special Treasure Location- Genshin Impact

By | January 12, 2021

If you are participating in the Lost Riches event in Genshin Impact then you can find the Yaoguang Shoal Special Treasure Location here in this post. By getting the Yaoguang Shoal Special Treasure you can receive rewards and you can also get Iron Coins and you can get more rewards each day by completing events.

Yaoguang Shoal Special Treasure Location

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How to get to the Yaoguang Shoal Special Treasure Location?

The Lost Riches Event is currently going on in Genhin Impact and during the event, you have an opportunity to grab as many rewards as possible. You can collect a lot of Iron Coins and some other rewards during this event.

In the Lost Riches event each day a new treasure arrives in the game and you have to get the location of the treasure to get it. In the end, the Genshin Impact is all about exploring, the more you explore, and the more you receive. But if you don’t want to explore too much and just want to collect the rewards which help you level up quicker then you will need a guide like this. As in this guide, we are going to talk about How to get to the Yaoguange Shoal Special Treasure Location, so if you want to know more about this then keep reading this article.

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The Lost Riches event focuses on giving you a currency in the place of rewards which is known as Iron Coins and you have to find the treasure location and dig up these Iron coins to get these as rewards after completion of the task.

There are some special events during The Lost Riches and these are the hidden events which you have to find yourself and today’s event location is the Yaoguang Shoal. To begin with this event you have to go to the coast of the landmass which should be in the joust southeast of the Yaoguange Shoal on the map. This location is straight to the southeast of the Guili Plains and you will see a huge structure there.

After coming to this area, you have to use a gadget which is the Treasure Seeking Seelie which you got from Ulman. After that just go to the west of the structure and there you will see a beam of light at the ground and you should approach it by digging and pressing the button showing on your display. By doing this, a marker will be spawned at the light beam’s first position and this will start a challenge that you have to complete to get to the Yaoguang Shoal Special Treasure Location.

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Yaoguang Shoal Special Treasure Location

In this challenge, you have to beat 3 enemies within some specified time and you will get 60 seconds in the beginning at the clock. You will get the additional time of 1 minute whenever you eliminate an enemy and this will make the task very easy to finish.

Rewards: So this is what you will receive after completion of the tasks. The Yaoguang Shoal treasure contains 3 Hero’s Wits, 60 Primogems, 30,000 Mora, and 6 mystic enhancement Ores.  This will help you grow up quickly in Genshin Impact, as this was an easy and simple task so you should not expect a lot of rewards from this.

So this was all about Yaoguang Shoal Special Treasure Location- Genshin Impact.

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Hopefully, you will like our approach to Yaoguang Shoal Special Treasure Location- Genshin Impact.

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