Best Minecraft 1.16 Optifine settings for Fps boost- Easy guide

Before moving over to the best optifine settings for fps boost make sure you have installed the latest version of optifine installed.

What is optifine?

Optifine is primarily a mod for Minecraft which allows you to locate advanced settings of Minecraft which you typically can’t access in Minecraft vanilla. Optifine has its own preference over normal vanilla Minecraft. People use optifine basically to increase their overall experience and performance of the game. It truly makes your game fast and smooth by simply reducing certain bugs and glitches which makes your game to laggy.

Another perk of using optifine is that it allows you to use shaders without using forge. Over that, you can also tweak the graphical analyzation, Render quality, shadow quality, and much more further. So what are the best optifine settings for fps?

You might wonder how far you can boost your fps. In this article, we will provide you the best optifine settings for fps boost and lag reduction.

How to install optifine 1.16?

You can download optifine by simply heading over to their official site. There determine your favorable version of the game and download it. After downloading it follow the installation steps given in the setup. Just make sure that you have a pre-installed latest java runtime environment in your system before downloading optifine.

You can check our detailed article on Minecraft optifine installation for more info.

Click here to download optifine.

Table of Contents

Best optifine settings for fps boost

After installing optifine just pick optifine from the drop-down version menu in your launcher and run it.

After opening the game head over to the options and then video settings to apply the best optifine settings for FPS.

Optifine settings for fps

Optifine settings for fps

Follow these steps for the most trustworthy optifine settings for fps boost:

  • Graphics (Fast recommended):
    • Fabulous: Increases quality of translucent blocks lowering down fps making it the slowest one.
    • Fancy: Increases the quality of the game decreasing fps.
    • Fast: Lowers down the entire quality of the game but increases the overall performance and fps.
  • Smooth lighting (OFF recommended):
    • OFF: no smoothing making the game faster.
    • Minimum: Simple lighting balancing both quality and fps.
    • Maximum: Most complex lighting making the overall game slower.
  • Smooth lighting level (OFF recommended)
  • GUI scale (1 recommended):
    • Keep it as small as you can.
    • Smaller ones are considered the fastest one.
    • Values above 3 are only available for 4k display.
  • Dynamic lighting (OFF recommended): It enables luminance of a luminant objection even by just holding it the hand. Example: A torch will emit light around you just by holding in your hand. This is just a personal preference so it won’t affect mob spawning.
    • OFF: No dynamic lighting.
    • Fast: Dynamic lighting with 500ms
    • Fancy: Real-time dynamic lighting with a latency of 0ms.
  • Shaders (OFF recommended): Just turn your shaders off. Minecraft shaders are the most resource-intensive ones. so just disable them for more fps. Enabling shaders and also conflict with other optifine settings for fps boost making your game laggy.
  • Render distance (2-6 recommended): Keep render distance as small as you can. If you’re using very old pc and really struggling with fps just drag it as lowest as possible i.e, 2. But this will make your game look ugly but it will surely increase your fps.
  • Max Framerate (Max/vsync recommended):Keep it at max or vsync. Enabling vsync will limit your fps considering the refresh rate of your monitor. Keeping it at max is the same thing. Though it will increase fps it will extra fps above refresh rate won’t be visible to you.
  • View bobbing: Enables bobbing of character while walking. It does not really conflict with the performance.
  • Entity shadows: Optional (You can keep it on or off according to your preference)
  • Attack indicator: Optional
  • Dynamic FOV: Adds an extra field of view while running or flying. It does not really struggle with the Fps.
  • Quality:Optifine settings for fpsone of the important optifine settings for fps to encounter with. Turn OFF all these optifine settings for FPS.
    • Mipmap level (OFF recommended): Enables smoothing of blocks for realism.
    • Mipmap type (Nearest recommended): Allows you to change the distance of the Mipmapping.
    • Anisotropic filtering (OFF recommended): Filters out the details while using Mipmapping.
    • Antialiasing (OFF recommended): Smooths the sharpened colors and jagged lines.
    • Emissive textures (OFF recommended)
    • Better grass (OFF recommended)
    • Custom fonts (OFF recommended)
    • Connected textures (OFF recommended)
    • Custom sky (OFF recommended)
    • Custom entity models (OFF recommended)
    • Random Entities (OFF recommended)
    • Better snow (OFF recommended)
    • Custom colors (OFF recommended)
    • Natural textures (OFF recommended)
    • Custom Items (OFF recommended)
    • Custom GUIs (OFF recommended)
  • Details:Optifine Additional important Optifine settings for fps boost.
    • Clouds (OFF recommended):
      • Fast: Enables 2d clouds
      • Fancy: Enables 3d clouds
    • Trees (Fast recommended)
      • Fast: Low quality, Fastest.
      • Fancy: High quality, Slowest
      • Smart: Balances between Fast and fancy.
    • Sky (OFF recommended)
    • Sun and Moon (OFF recommended)
    • Fog (OFF recommended)
    • Translucent blocks (Fast recommended)
    • Dropped items (Fast recommended)
    • Vignette (Fast recommended)
    • Entity Distance (50% recommended)
    • Clouds height (OFF recommended)
    • Rain and snow (OFF recommended): You can also set it fast if you really need visible rain and snow in the game.
    • Stars (OFF recommended)
    • Show capes (Optional)
    • Fog starts (0.2 recommended): It will not affect the performance if you have already turned fog OFF.
    • Held item ToolTips (OFF recommended)
    • Swamp colors (OFF recommended)
    • Alternate blocks (OFF recommended)
    • Biome Blend (OFF recommended)
  • Animations (Turn all OFF recommended): Optifine settings for fpsJust turn everything OFF for more Fps
    • Particles (Minimal recommended)
  • Performance:Optifine One of the most important optifine settings for fps. This setting can the actual reason for lag and fps drop.
    • Render Regions (ON recommended)
    • Smart chunks (ON recommended)
    • Smooth FPS (ON recommended)
    • Chunk Update (1 recommended)
    • Lazy chunk loading (ON recommended)
    • Fast Render: Turn it ON if you have a remarkably good CPU.
    • Fast Math: Turn it ON if you have a remarkably good CPU.
    • Smooth world (ON recommended)
    • Dynamic Updates (ON recommended)
  • Others: These Optifine settings for fps will not actually boost your fps but it will have you to have control over FPS drops.
    • Lagimeter (OFF recommended)
    • Show FPS (ON recommended): Turn it on to check your FPS in real-time without having you to press F3 again and again.
    • Weather (OFF recommended)
    • Fullscreen (ON recommended): Running your game in fullscreen will actually increase your FPS this happens because while being on full screen your CPU/GPU provides more stress on your game rather than conflicting with other background processes.
    • Screenshot size (Keep it default): Capturing large screenshots will use more memory.
    • Debug Profiler (OFF recommended)
    • Advanced Tooltips (OFF recommended)
    • Time (Default recommended)
    • Autosave (6mins recommended)
    • Show GL errors (Optional)

These are the best optifine settings for fps boost. If you really need more FPS you may have to give the game quality but we know that gaming performance is more important than quality. Just use these optifine settings for fps and lag reduction. We hope now your game is running on best of all time after applying these settings. You can comment down below if you still have any doubts or query.

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