5 Call of Duty Alternatives for MacBook Owners

5 Call of Duty Alternatives for MacBook Owners


Video games are one of the most popular pastimes these days. It should not come as a surprise considering how many different genres there are. Even those people who are not avid gamers can find a title to enjoy.

Call of Duty Alternatives
Call of Duty Alternatives

First-person shooters could be a good example, and Call of Duty is one of the best in what it has to offer. 


But can you play Call of Duty on MacBook Pro? If you are a MacBook owner, your gaming options are already limited. CoD is a game that is not really available on macOS, though you can circumvent it with emulators and other methods.


On the other hand, having to deal with such a hassle to play a single game can be too much. If that’s the case, why not look for other FPS games that are actually compatible with a Mac and do not pose additional problems running them?

Call of Duty Alternatives
Call of Duty Alternatives


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


Valve did not miss its mark when the company released CS:GO. It was one of the most anticipated games, particularly when you consider how much of a competitive scene there is for the title.


Before CS:GO, players would be scattered—some playing 1.6, others Counter-Strike: Source. Global Offensive built a bridge that connects all the fans of the game.


The title offers different modes, such as a death match. Or, you can play regular skirmish games. Faceit is another interesting option, targeted to a more competitive player base. You can go as far as using screen capture software Mac can run to record your gameplay and study it later. 


Ultimately, it is up to you and how you want to approach playing the game. CS:GO is available on Steam, and it does not have significant requirements, so running it on a MacBook should not be a problem, even if you have a relatively old model.




Borderlands is a franchise that combines FPS with RPG elements. In addition to shooting, there is loot, and lots of it. If you ever get tired of killing, you can focus on acquiring the gear and improving your character so you can move on to the next difficulty.


One thing to note about Borderlands is that you are better off starting from the first game because there is a coherent story. Also, be mindful of some side games, especially those from Telltale. Tales From Borderlands is a side story, but it still adds a lot to the overall universe, especially Borderlands 3.


Wonderlands is the latest installment in the franchise, and you can already find it available on sale. 


If usual first person shooters do not interest you that much but you would love one if there was an RPG element and late game grind included, then look no further than Borderlands. 




BioShock is another example of an FPS game that is not that conventional in the sense that it is not about just the shooting aspect. 


BioShock excels in the story. Some would argue that it is not really a shooter, though guns are an important part of the game. Similar to Borderlands, you are better off playing from the first game to familiarize yourself with the setup, so you do not miss out on important details, especially if you are into lore.


Steampunk is a genre that is not that popular as far as FPS games go, which makes BioShock even more of a standout when you combine shooting and steampunk.




Battle royale games are not as popular as they were in the days when they first appeared. Nevertheless, Fortnite is one of the BR games that still continues to be played by millions of players. It helps a lot when the game is getting constant updates, some of which are quite major and add new elements to the gameplay. 


One thing against Fortnite is its graphics. Some players avoid trying the game because of how it looks, and it is understandable. However, if you believe that battle royale is of interest to you, then try it nonetheless. The visual aspect will disappear after a few matches since you will get used to the graphics.


Dying Light


Not everyone is a fan of the zombie genre, but it still exists and gets a lot of people interested. FPS games are quite commonly combined with the survival mode, and Dying Light is one of the best examples.


As expected, your goal is to survive in the game for as long as possible while making the most out of the available tools (including guns) and the environment. 


Closing Thoughts


All things considered, while Call of Duty might not be available on macOS, there are still plenty of great alternatives if you have a MacBook and like playing first person shooter games. The 5 options mentioned in this article ought to be enough to scratch that itch of playing shooters.

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