Hogwarts Legacy: Kickstart Your Journey with These 7 Essential Tips

With a fresh period and captivating storyline, there is an abundance of knowledge to explore within Hogwarts Legacy’s vast open world. Alongside its branching story progression, numerous features and abilities are waiting to be discovered. However, it’s important to note that certain quests or assignments need to be completed before accessing specific items or information. To navigate through the game efficiently, we present essential Hogwarts tips and tricks that you can utilize early on.

Hogwarts Legacy:
Hogwarts Legacy:

Hogwarts Legacy Beginner Tips

#1 Choose the Right Hogwarts House

Fans of the Harry Potter series who have known their Hogwarts house for years may consider this to be common knowledge, but it’s worth mentioning that the house chosen can have an impact on the game’s storyline. Each house is associated with a distinct trait, and it grants the player access to a common room and additional dialogue options from characters in that house. The primary distinction between the houses lies in the quest leading up to a meeting with Richard Jackdaw.

#2 Find out More About Your Enemies

In Hogwarts Legacy, players will encounter a diverse range of enemies, each possessing unique strengths and weaknesses. Fortunately, the game offers an intuitive method for players to familiarize themselves with these adversaries. By accessing the collections menu and hovering over each enemy, players can access detailed information regarding their abilities and traits.

The game allows for pausing at any point, including during combat, allowing players to leverage this feature whenever desired. Alternatively, players can opt to commit each encounter to memory, enhancing their strategic approach.

#3 Use Revelio all the time

Revelio, an extraordinary wizard vision, effortlessly highlights objects, enemies, and much more within the surroundings. Its extraordinary abilities even extend through walls, granting you a glimpse of enemies, loot, and interactable objects. Utilize this invaluable tool consistently to ensure you never miss a thing. Moreover, it unveils the numerous Field Guide Pages that await collection, lurking in seemingly trivial corners. Out of all the mesmerizing spells you’ll unlock in Hogwarts Legacy, this one shall undoubtedly dominate your repertoire.

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#4 Use Wingardium Leviosa

Just like Ron’s clever use of Wingardium Leviosa to drop a troll’s club on its head in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, players in Hogwarts Legacy can employ this spell to deal damage by flinging objects at enemies, even shattering shields. Though it may take some practice to wield it effectively in combat, mastering this underrated spell allows players to hoist objects and strategically release them from above for devastating impact.

#5 Get Hopping Pots ASAP

Potions play a vital role in Hogwarts Legacy, particularly for those seeking to conquer the game’s higher difficulties. However, acquiring these potions isn’t a walk in the park as it requires recipes, ingredients, and time investment. Fear not! By visiting Tomes and Scrolls in Hogsmeade, players can purchase the Hopping Pot Spellcraft for 3000 galleons. This magical item allows them to have up to three Hopping Pots in their Room of Requirement. Each pot will autonomously brew a random potion, eliminating the need for any ingredients. This one-time investment is a game-changer that saves precious time and ensures your potion inventory remains well-stocked.

#6 Wear Headphones

Listening to sound cues can be an unconventional yet valuable tip in this game. The castle is filled with floating pages and keys, each emitting a distinct noise. By wearing headphones, players can easily detect these objects nearby.

While the Revelio spell can reveal some objects of interest, incorporating sound can greatly aid players in finding things more effortlessly. Moreover, sound can prove useful in certain side quests as well.

#7 Visit vendors regularly

Hogwarts Legacy offers an abundant array of gear, constantly rewarding players with drops. However, initially starting with only 20 gear slots, it quickly becomes filled. Until you begin completing the challenging Merlin Trials to unlock additional gear slots, it’s advisable to develop the habit of selling unused items to vendors scattered throughout the map. Even as your slots increase, you’ll likely still have plenty to clear out while progressing. In desperate situations, item destruction is an option, though converting them into cash remains the preferred choice for maximizing benefits.


There’s a lot more you need to know than what’s covered here, but these tips will help you become more effective in combat. Tactics are the key to success in this game as well. With proper preparation and tactical planning, you will definitely win. Even if not the first time.

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