Minecraft Earth Boost Minis

Minecraft Earth Boost Minis

Minecraft Earth Boost Minis: We have a piece of great news for all the Minecraft fans and players. Minecraft has done a partnership with Mattel for creating a new line of mini-figures. These mini-figures are known as Minecraft Earth Boost Minis. You will also get boosts in your Minecraft game using these minis. In this … Read more

Minecraft Earth Compatible Devices List

Minecraft Earth Compatible Devices

Minecraft Earth Compatible Devices As you know Minecraft Earth works on the A.R platform, this game requires devices that support A.R (Augment reality). Here you can check the Minecraft Earth Compatible Devices list The game has become a worldwide sensation since its launch. But there are only a limited range of devices that support it … Read more

Minecraft Earth Tappables Wiki 2020

Minecraft Earth Tappables

Minecraft Earth Tappables Minecraft is a game for people who love to expand their creativity, have fun and travel around. This game is perfect for those who always want something new. And the developers Mojang have always been able to deliver on people’s demands. In this article we will see information about Minecraft Earth Tappables. … Read more

How to Move Around in Minecraft Earth | Walk in the Game

How to Move around in Minecraft Earth

How to Move Around in Minecraft Earth Minecraft Earth has been a surprise hit since it has been launched. This is totally new game and therefore many players facing challenges while playing the game. The basic question players are asking is how to move around in Minecraft earth. In this augmented reality game players need … Read more

Minecraft Earth Built Plate Guide – All You Need to Know

Minecraft Earth Build Plate 8*8

Minecraft Earth Built Plate Guide Well, we are at the end of 2019 and how can we end it without talking about the biggest game that is trending. The game is making its way to 2020 with a huge fan following. It’s Minecraft Earth. The game is basically what you can call the better version … Read more