ACNH Villager Tier List December 2022

ACNH Villager Tier List December 2022 is available that will help you to choose the best characters. In this article, you can explore the complete tier list of the Animal Crossing game.

ACNH Villager Tier List December 2022
ACNH Villager Tier List December 2022

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ACNH Villager Tier List December 2022

Here is the iter list of villagers of the Animal Crossing New Horizon game that will help you to choose the best villagers in the Animal Crossing game:


We are discussing ACNH Villager Tier List December 2022, here we have listed the S-tier:

  • Ankha
  • Raymond
  • Marshal
  • Tia
  • Zucker
  • Bob
  • Lucky
  • Sherb
  • Merengue
  • Stitches

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A Tier

We are discussing ACNH Villager Tier List December 2022, here are the A-tier villagers:

  • Villagers
    • Apollo
    • Audie
    • Boone
    • Benjamin
    • Blanche
    • Coco
    • Camofrog
    • Chrissy
    • Cherry
    • Diana
    • Dobie
    • Dom
    • Drago
    • Erik
    • Etoile
    • Epona
    • Fauna
    • Felyne
    • Frita
    • Francine
    • Ganon
    • Gaston
    • Genji
    • Hopper
    • Julian
    • Julia
    • Judy
    • Ketchup
    • Lily
    • Lobo
    • Marty
    • Marina
    • Margie
    • Mira
    • Molly
    • Poppy
    • Phoebe
    • Pekoe
    • Raddle
    • Ribbot
    • Roald
    • Rosie
    • Shep
    • Sly
    • Snake
    • Sprinkle
    • Sprocket
    • Tucker
    • Woolio
    • Walt
    • Whitney
    • Wolfgang
    • Wolf Link

B Tier

We are discussing the ACNH Villager Tier List December 2022; here are the villagers of B-tier:

Alfonso, Alice, Amelia, Vivian, Vladimir, Wade, Willow, Zell, Annalisa, Apple, Aurora, Avery, Bea, Beardo, Beau, Becky, Bianca, Tasha, Tipper, Toby, Tom, Tutu, Bill, Billy, Biskit, Bones, Bud, Bunnie, Celia, Chadder, Chai, Chelsea, Cheri, Chief, Claude, Clay, Murphy, O’Hare, Octavian, Papi, Pashmina, Phil, Pierce, Colton, Cousteau, Daisy, Deirdre, Dozer, Drift, Ellie, Eugene, Eunice, Fang, Felicity, Filly, Flora, Freya, Gala, Gayle, Goldie, Graham, Hamlet, Hans, Hopkins, Hornsby, Inkwell, Jacques, June, Shari, Simon, Skye, Spike, Static, Pietro, Pigleg, Piper, Portia, Puck, Punchy, Rasher, Maple, Marcel, Marcie, Medli, Melba, Merry, Mitzi, Renee, Robin, Rod, Sterling, Sylvana, Tangy, Rodeo, Rooney, Rory, Roscoe, Ruby, Rudy, Savannah, Tank, Kabuki, Ken, Kevin, Kid Cat, Kiki, Kyle, Twiggy, Vesta, Viche, Victoria, Leonardo, Leopold, Lolly, Lopez, Louie, Mac, and Maddie.

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C Tier

Admiral, Agent S, Ursala, Valise, Weber, Winnie, Yuka, Agnes, Alli, Annabelle, Anchovy, Annalise, Antonio, Ava, Soleil, Sparro, Stella, Stu, Sue E., Sven, Sydney, Axel, Aziz, Baabara, Bam, Bangle, Bella, Benedict, Bertha, Bettina, Big Top, Rio, Rocco, Rolf, Rowan, Sally, Sandy, Sheldon, Blaire, Bluebear, Bonbon, Boomer, Boots, Boris, Bruce, Purrl, Queenie, Quetzal, Reneigh, Rex, Rhoda, Bubbles, Buck, Butch, Buzz, Carmen, Carmen, Carrie, Penelope, Petunia, Pippy, Pompom, Poncho, Pudge, Cece, Cesar, Champ, Charlise, Chevre, Chops, Peaches, Peanut, Pecan, Peck, Peewee, Peggy, Claudia, Cleo, Cole, Cookie, Olive, Olivia, Opal, Ozzie, Paolo, Pate, Patty, Cranston, Croque, Cube, Curlos, Curt, Nana, Naomi, Nat, Norma, Nosegay, Deena, Del, Sylvia, Tad, Miranda, Moe, Monique, Monty, Mott, Muffy, Nan, Tammi, Tammy, Teddy, Tybalt, Deli, Dizzy, Doc, Dotty, Drake, Ed, Egbert, Elise, Eloise, Elvis, Emerald, Filbert, Flip, Flo, Flurry, Frank, Friga, Frobert, Fuchsia, Gabi, Gladys, Gloria, Gonzo, Goose, Greta, Grizzly, Groucho, Gwen, Henry, Huck, Hugh, Iggly, Jay, Jeremiah, Katt, Keaton, Kidd, Kitty, Knox, Kody, Lionel, Liz, Lucha, Lucy, Lyman, Maggie, Mathilda, Megan, and Midge.

D Tier

Ace, Al, Wart Jr., Wendy, Yodel, Zoe, Angus, Anicotti, Astrid, Barold, Truffles, Twirp, Velma, Vic, Violet, Belle, Bessie, Betty, Biff, Bitty, Boyd, Bree, Broccolo, Broffina, Rodney, Rollo, Samson, Scoot, Snooty, Callie, Canberra, Candi, Caroline, Cashmere, Pango, Maelle, Mallary, Marcy, Mint, Moose, Nate, Nibbles, Olaf, Paula, Penny, Pinky, Plucky, Prince, Puddles, Chester, Chico, Chow, Chuck, Clyde, Coach, Cobb, Stinky, T-Bone, Tabby, Tex, Tiara, Tiffany, Timbra, Cupcake, Curly, Cyrano, Derwin, Diva, Dora, Otis, Oxford, Pancetti, Quillson, Rhonda, Ricky,  Elina, Rilla, Joey, Kaitlin, Kitt, Klaus, Leigh, Limberg, Lulu, Rizzo, Rocket, Spork, Elmer, Faith, Flash, Flossie, Freckles, Gigi, Gruff, Hambo, Hamphrey, Hank, Harry, Hazel, Hector, Hippeux, Huggy, Iggy, Ike, Jacob, Jambette, Jane, and Jitters.

Animal Crossing is a very interesting social simulation video game that is full of fun. Nintendo EAD is the developer of the Animal Crossing game.

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It was the complete guide on ACNH Villager Tier List December 2022. Now, we would like to conclude this article with the hope that you have got the complete information regarding the tier list of the Animal Crossing game. If you have any queries regarding the tier list of the Animal Crossing game, then you can ask us in the comment section. We would be happy to solve your queries regarding ACNH Villager Tier List December 2022.

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