NBA 2k23 Roster Update 2023

NBA 2k23 Roster Update 2023 is out, and the fans are excited to know the changes made to this game. 2023 is going to be starting. The fans will see NBA 2k23 with a new update and changes in the game.

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NBA 2k23 Roster Update 2023

Charlotte Hornets

  • Kelly Oubre Jr.: 78 OVR (-1)
  • J.T. Thor: 69 OVR (-1)
  • Theo Maledon: 73 OVR (+1)
  • Dennis Smith Jr.: 76 OVR (+1)
  • Mason Plumlee: 76 OVR (+1)
  • Nick Richards: 76 OVR (+3)
  • Jalen McDaniels: 76 OVR (+3)

Atlanta Hawks

  • Clint Capela: 81 OVR (-3)
  • Aaron Holiday: 74 OVR (-1)

Boston Celtics

  • Jayson Tatum: 94 OVR (+1)
  • Derrick White: 77 OVR (-1)
  • Payton Pritchard: 75 OVR (-1)
  • Jaylen Brown: 88 OVR (+1)
  • Al Horford: 81 OVR (-1)


  • The Bill Russell “6” logo has been added to the court apron for all 28 alternate floors.
  • The 2021-22 championship banner has been added to the Golden State Warriors arena.
  • The mascots for the Milwaukee Bucks and Philadelphia 76ers have been updated to reflect real-life design changes.
  • Baseline team wordmarks and corner championship trophy graphics have been added to the Chicago Sky arena.
  • The Black Lives Matter logo has been added to the court floor for all WNBA teams.
  • George Mikan’s retired #99 jersey has been added to the Los Angeles Lakers arena


  • Adrenaline boost usage has been disabled when sprinting off-ball when on offence.
  • Addressed an issue that was preventing custom difficulty levels from working as intended
  • Adjusted the logic for body-up animations to improve their reliability in expected circumstances
  • Fixed some issues with Coach’s Clipboard to allow ACE Tempo and Rebound settings to work properly
  • The developer has increased the frequency of putbacks to bring them more in line with the expected levels.

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  • Resolved some issues with Daily Pick ‘Em to ensure results appear correctly and rewards are given when earned.
  • Players in a squad will now properly leave Pro-Am Walk-On together with NBA 2k23 Roster Update 2023.
  • The player matchup overlay will now appear as expected during Rec game intros.
  • Addressed an issue that could prevent VC rewards from being received in certain Theater events.
  • Various visual improvements and updates have been made to Pro-Am and Event-related menus.
  • Squad invite notifications will now correctly appear when received.
  • Fixed a rare disconnect that could occur during the intro of some City and Ante-Up games with NBA 2k23 Roster Update 2023.


  • Resolved a hang that could occur when attempting to enter the 2K Beats menu after recording a new custom track
  • The quests to create custom music tracks with Bas and Elite should now move forward correctly.
  • Fixed a rare timing conflict that could prevent progression on certain J. Cole music quests
  • Addressed an issue that caused certain seasonal quests to not track correctly between saves
  • Made some adjustments to improve tracking for vehicle-related quests


  • In the Evolution menu, all badges will now display in the upgrades list with NBA 2k23 Roster Update 2023.
  • Fixed an issue between active times of Limited Time Events where the event bonuses were incorrectly displayed
  • You are now able to replace badges on player cards without needing the higher-tier version of the badge
  • Addressed some issues that could occur when alternate custom uniform cards are used in the away uniform slot
  • The developer has addressed a rare hang that could be encountered when entering a game.

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It was the complete guide on NBA 2k23 Roster Update 2023. Now, we would like to conclude this article with the hope that you have got the complete information regarding the update of the NBA 2k23 game. If you have any queries regarding the update of the NBA 2k23 Roster game, then you can ask us in the comment section. We would be happy to solve your queries regarding NBA 2k23 Roster Update 2023.

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