Overwatch Tier List 2023

We have brought this article that will help you to explore Overwatch Tier List 2023. In this article, you can explore the complete information regarding this tier list.

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Overwatch Tier List 2023

Here, you can explore the complete information regarding the tier list of the Overwatch game that would be helpful to you:


We are discussing Overwatch Tier List 2023, here is the S-tier list:

  • Genji: It is a very powerful character, so you can say that it can be a nightmare for any other characters in this game. He can do a lot of damage, and he has a lot of powerful abilities. It is also one of the top DPS [Damage Per Second] characters.
  • Lucio: This character has great mobility, so it can draw attention from attention away from the heroes.
  • Sombra: It is reworked in Overwatch. Sombra’s hacking ability can bind a lot of damage amplifiers to the opponent.
  • Kiriko: It stands as Blizzard’s primary. Her healing production is great.
  • Orisa: Its tank is a high DPS [Damage Per Second] hero that has a lot of extra health when it is compared to some heroes.
  • Zarya: The tank role is very powerful, where Zarya offers some great close-range DPS capabilities among her teammates.


  • Tracer: It has pilot skills, and she was handpicked to test the prototype.
  • Solider: 76: It can sprint fast as well as heal itself.
  • Sigma: It was not wimped in Overwatch 1.
  • D.Va: It is a very powerful character that has amazing abilities.
  • Ana: In case any team wins, then you can keep all the tanks alive.

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We are discussing Overwatch Tier List 2023, here is the B-tier list:

  • Moira: It has great survivability during the match. She has great healing abilities.
  • Ashe: She has a great dynamite attack. She can also cause a lot of damage in congested areas.
  • Widowmaker: It can simply take down the enemy’s support hero with a single charged headshot.
  • Sojourn: It is called Soldier: 76 2. It is also very powerful at medium as well as close range.
  • Brigette: It has a melee support that has great support. It also provided a lot of passive boosts as well as shielding for her teammates.
  • Mei: It has the great fire-laying ability.
  • Junker Queen: If you maintain her health, then she can perform well.
  • Pharah: Her aerial mobility, as well as damage output abilities, can remain dangerous.
  • Winston: It can go far greater burst damage.
  • Hanzo: It is one of the best DPS heroes in the game.
  • Wrecking Ball: It has great durability, and it can simply kill opponents.
  • Reaper: Its damage output has been reduced in the Overwatch 2 game.
  • Echo: It is a great tank buster.
  • Baptiste: If you want to support your team, then it can be a great choice for you.

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We are discussing Overwatch Tier List 2023, here is the C-tier list:

  • Reinhardt: This character can easily excel at absorbing enemy fire.
  • Bastion: It has great DPS potential against tanks that can make a great difference.
  • Mercy: It is an amazing supporting hero.
  • Zenyatta: It can help in both DPS as well as support.
  • Torbjorn: It is also another victim of Overwatch 2’s fast-paced meta.


  • Junkrat: He is docile.
  • Roadhog: It has a limited range.
  • Cassidy [AKA McCree]: He is a very cool hero.

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It was the complete guide on Overwatch Tier List 2023. Now, we would like to conclude this article with the hope that you have got the complete information regarding the Overwatch game. If you have any queries regarding the Overwatch game, then you can ask us in the comment section. We would be happy to solve your queries regarding Overwatch Tier List 2023.

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