Where is Xur Today 2023 (January)

Since the weekly merchant Xur has appeared in the game, many players are curious to know Where is Xur Today 2023. This merchant arrives at random locations in the game to sell exceptional items. Players must therefore be aware of the products that can be purchased from that vendor.

Here, you will find all the information you need regarding Where is Xur Today 2023, as well as descriptions of all the products you can purchase from the shop this time around. Without further delay, let’s explore all of the information provided in this guide.

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Where is Xur Today 2023
Where is Xur Today 2023

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Where is Xur Today 2023?

In Destiny 2, Xur is a vendor that deals in high-end weapons and accessories. Players should be aware of where this merchant has appeared this time in the game and what items they can expect from him because he is a weekly merchant whose location changes each time.

The location of Xur will reset each Friday at 10 AM PT/1 PM ET. So, the Xur’s location mentioned in this article is the latest according to the time we have written this article.

Earlier, the location of Xur was marked on the map, which was a simple task. But, finding Xur now in the game is difficult as the location is no longer shown on the map. This week, you will find Xur at Tower over in the Hangar. So, you now know Where is Xur Today 2023.

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Inventory of Xur for this Week

Here is the list of items you can get in Destiny 2 this week through Xur’s inventory. Remember that you will have to pay the required price if you want to get the desired item.

  • Graviton Lance – You can get this exotic pulse rifle for a price of 29 Legendary Shards.
  • Khepri’s Sting (Hunter) – This exotic smoke grenade can be acquired by paying just 23 Legendary Shards.
  • Armamentarium (Titan) – This exotic weapon is available for just 23 Legendary Shards.
  • Verity’s Brow (Warlock) – You will get this exotic helmet for just 23 Legendary Shards.
  • Hawkmoon – It is one of the best hand cannons that you should not miss from Xur today.
  • Dead Man’s Tale – This exotic scout rifle is something that no one should miss, and this time, it is simple to get as it is available in Xur’s inventory.

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Your character’s and item’s power levels will be comparable when you take it out of Xur’s inventory. Therefore, be careful not to become confused by it.

This was a complete list of everything and Where is Xur Today 2023. You now have a detailed list of everything Xur will sell this week. All of the products that you can purchase this week are listed on this list. Do not overlook them.

Remember that the inventory and location of Xur change in Destiny 2 every Friday. We have also provided the Inventory reset time above. So, check it out and ensure you do not search at the wrong location at the wrong time. Otherwise, you will only waste your time, and you will not be able to find Xur.

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Wrapping Up

We are wrapping up this article with the hope that you have all the information about Where is Xur Today 2023, what items you can get from the merchant this time, and much more. If you have any questions about this guide, you can comment below. We will be there to assist you in the best possible way.

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